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All the women independent

Sex is not the enemy

26 October
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  • igrockspock@livejournal.com
I grock Spock is the slogan that Star Trek fans placed on bumper stickers to campaign for a third season of the original series. igrockspock, known in real life as M., started writing fanfic in 2009 when Star Trek XI premiered, though she lurked in fandom for many years before that. Star Trek will always be the fandom of my heart, but these days I'm more active in Avengers, Sherlock, and Harry Potter fandom while I await the next Star Trek film. Most of the stories here are gen, though a good many are het too. Femslash and slash make occasional but rather rare appearances. I love almost all the characters from all the movies and TV series I fangirl, but this journal is above all a celebration of fabulous, fierce, flawed, and fearless female characters. To that end, I co-mod where_no_woman, a community for ladies from every Star Trek franchise in existence. In addition to fic, this journal contains rec posts, promos for fic fests, a lot of nattering about writing, and the occasional comment fic meme.

Sound interesting? Friend away! I am sometimes shy, but I like meeting new people, and I friend back almost everyone whose fannish interests intersect with mine.

I am over 18.

Transformative works policy: Sometimes people ask me if they can podfic my stories, and it is always an awkward question to answer. I don't mind people recording my stories at all, but I can't handle listening to the recordings - it makes me too self-conscious of all the flaws in the writing. If it doesn't bother you that I'll never listen to your no doubt lovely podfic, record away!

Also, feel free to translate, remix, write sequels, play with whatever stories you find here, on two conditions: 1) please link back to my original story 2) please don't play with any stories that feature an original character in a lead role.