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Fannish miscellany

(1) Disclaimer: I am on my third glass of port. It is my very favorite thing in the whole world to drink. I love how thick and rich it is, how layered the flavors are when you get a bottle that's really good. I may or may not have left comments in your journals tonight which may or may not have made sense. The room's a little spinny, and my body feels nice and loose.

(2) Dark agenda is having a Race-bending Challenge, wherein participants rewrite stories with a white character recast as a character of color. The key thing is that stories should demonstrate how the character's story would change as a result of him or her being a different race. I find this idea fascinating, and I keep thinking about Angel's back story would be different if he were black, but am too inebriated to formulate coherent thoughts. I do wonder whether his story would take place in Africa, the Caribbean, or America, and who might have cursed him since Romanian gypsies would be off the table.

(4)The boy and I watched disc one season one of BSG last night. I like it! Not quite as much as Torchwood or Star Trek, but I like it a lot. I feel like BSG is maybe more plot driven than character driven, but I still like the characters too, especially Kara Thrace. I like her especially since my bf informed me that she was a male character in the original 1970s BSG, and I've been hankering for characters who embody male archetypes but are actually female. I also just looked at IMDB and discovered that Boomer was originally a male character too. This leaves me feeling a bit cheated by Star Trek Reboot, because I used to think that they were stuck with their source material, which did not include very many women. Now I feel all shafted that they didn't make me a Hikari Sulu or Lenore McCoy, but also excited to watch more BSG because I think I could enjoy writing fic for that universe. Probably I should stop discovering closed and dying canons though.

(5) I wrote the first 162 words of my Big Bang. This is obviously a modest beginning, but I feel better for having started it. Also, Winona has already threatened people with a shot gun! In other writing news, I sent my Winona/George bread pudding story off to beta. It is very definitely a rough draft, but I am cautiously optimistic that it is close to becoming a final draft. I also worked a little on my story about Sulu and swords, but then I got drunk and had to stop.

(6) I should try to stop being scared of writing male characters. The women I write most often -- Gaila, Chapel, Amanda, and Number One -- are very much grounded in my own issues and identity of being a woman, but if I wrote the guys more often, I would probably discover that they are just human beings, and probably some of them have issues that overlap with mine, even if those issues are not specifically related to womanhood. This is the short version of the essay I am contemplating on why I am drawn to female characters.

(7) Non-fannish news: through a cunning combination of discounts and coupons, I snagged this really hot dress for $20 for my fancy dinner in Chicago with the boy. I highly recommend it to any other hourglass-shaped curvy ladies. It is positively made for our bodies!
You are going to look so hot in that dress!

I used to watch 'old' BSG in syndication as a wee girl. I also watched some of 'new' BSG, which is entirely different and made of awesome. And yes, Reboot could have given us Polina Chekova or even Jeniver Kirk if they'd been that brave. C'est la vie.

Was Angel in Romania when he was cursed? He could also have been in England -- there's been a Black population in England for longer and more substantially than people remember.

Port is very good. Amusingly, last night I had sherry, which I also really like. And beer. This morning I'm having WATER.
Yeah, Angel was in Romania when he was cursed. I suppose he still could have been there in a racebent version of the story, but seeing how conspicuous people of color are in today's Eastern Europe makes me think vampire hunters would have been the least of Angel's worries in the 1800s. England definitely is a possibility, but meep, then I would need to write British accents. Maybe I should save that one for a race bent Spike's backstory.

What sort of sherry were you drinking? I have the oloroso that I keep around for cooking, but I haven't managed to acquire the taste for it yet...
I love the dress! Which color did you get?

Oh, BSG! I loved Kara. I will say no more, lest I spoil you. ;)

I'm not bothered by the fact that Abrams kept the original genders when he rebooted ST. Since it's the same universe as TOS, and the timelines only split when Kirk is born, it makes sense to me. I didn't like the disappearance of Winona, Gaila, and Amanda, even though the latter's death was integral to Spock's development. (I wonder what would have happened if they'd killed Sarek. Hmmm.) And I want to see more women in the sequel, and not just as arm candy for Kirk.

Whereas BSG is a complete revision of the franchise, and just pretends its predecessor never existed.

I write from a male POV fairly often, but that has less to do with gender and more to do with which characters ping me hardest. In ST, I identify most strongly with McCoy, and since I write about him interacting with Kirk so much, I've become comfortable with Kirk's voice too. But I always find myself wondering if I'm doing it right, if they sound as masculine as they should. For that reason, there's something quite liberating about writing from a female POV. I don't identify that strongly with Uhura or Gaila (though I wish I were more like them in certain ways, esp. Uhura) but I don't ever find myself wondering, "Oh, does she sound like a woman when I write her?" It's quite freeing!

So I think you should go for it. :)

I'm intrigued by your Angel idea. I had a sudden thought about what he could be doing in the 19th century, but it's kind of horrific. Then again, the dude was diabolical.
Yeah, I got a bad feeling about Kara's fate when I was icon shopping last night, but I'm not going to ask any questions.

I got the dry version of the dress because that's the one they had in the store. Now I feel a bit cheated because the purple would look even better on me, but ah well..

I'm intrigued by your thought on Angel. Do share!
iconseeyou makes beautiful BSG icons. I got more of mine from her - though I don't remember how spoilery they are.

I like the dry sage. I'm sure you'll look hot in it!

Oh, my Angel idea. So, it's revolting, but what if he hitched a ride in a slave ship and kept himself alive by eating the prisoners. Then he'd find himself in the American South, maybe Louisiana, where he could be cursed by a Voodoo queen (maybe modeled on Marie Laveau?). Though there's the danger of stereotyping. But I trust you.

I think Darla was turned into a vampire in New Orleans; maybe that's why Angel feels compelled to go there.

Like I said, it's kind of a revolting idea. But he's revolting person before he gets his soul back.
What if he was eating the *crew*? Night by night, the crew keeps dwindling and the prisoners whisper amongst themselves about a ghost come to free them, but he just laughs at their hope... (being Angelus, and all.)

(An inspirational song, if about different vampires:
http://www.ovff.org/pegasus/songs/lady.html )
I was thinking he could eat the crew after they anchor. He'd probably eat everyone. I like your idea better though. Angelus likes to play evil mind games. :(
Ooh! I like this idea! I don't know if I will get this story done by the deadline, but I do intend to write it.
Oh, I LOVE BSG!! And Starbuck is my absolute favorite! I do love Boomer as well though, which is far more complicated. I've kinda got a kink for hot pilots in space... XD It's an absolutely amazing show-- so character driven and they're all so totally flawed, yet still so easy to relate to. *flails and loves BSG*

Good luck with the Angel story-- you're right, I think it could be absolutely amazing, but a lot of work. I'd definitely read it!
BEE. ESS. GEEEEEEEEE. omg, show of my heart. seriously. i wrote a bsg crossover for trek big bang last year, even! my love knows no bounds. i'm SO thrilled you're enjoying kara (she's my favorite) and can't wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the show. it's interesting, i find the fandom isn't nearly as broad-reaching as trek fandom, at least in terms of AUs, different 'ships, number of authors; but that may just be that i'm reading the wrong comms. in any case i enjoy your comparison between the two and will look forward to future discussion in the same vein. XD