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New fandoms are scary!

Does anyone have advice on getting started writing in a new fandom? I need to start writing some Torchwood stories ASAP so I can get some practice with the characters before my big bang crossover extravaganza, but I find the prospect of writing for a new fandom more intimidating than I expected. It's not just that the TW characters are new, but also that I've grown very comfortable with Star Trek's fannish community -- I know the little niches where I fit in, where to find the kind of drabble prompts I like, where to find people who want to read my stories...

How do you get yourself to move out of your comfort zone and into a new fannish community?

Alternatively, if you'd like to leave me some Torchwood prompts, feel free! I am open to anything, but make no promises of fulfillment.
How do you get yourself to move out of your comfort zone and into a new fannish community?

Heh. Anonymous kink memes. :) (They have one: touchyerwood. Not terribly active, but there are a fair number of prompts floating around.)
You're not leaving Star Trek, are you? *clings*

I usually read like a fiend in any new fandom before I feel brave enough to comment or post about it. I like to get an idea of what kind of fic, meta, etc. is out there. And usually you'll start to see all the different comms and stuff by following enough links...
You're not leaving Star Trek, are you? *clings*

No, not at all! I just have this rather ambitious idea for a Star Trek/Torchwood crossover for my big bang, so I think I should try to write some TW stories first. Besides, I am a little scared that I will get sick of ST before the new film comes out (in 2012, *sob*), so it seems smart to spread myself out a bit.
Definitely seconding the reading as much fic as you can get your hands on, then trying a drabble community, maybe. I find that I learn my characters best by writing snapshots of their lives.
I don't usually feel like writing in a few fandom until I feel challenged. So I just find some fics that sound interesting and start reading. At some point, if the fandom is active, I'll usually find a few that make me think, Oh, you're good, and ... it's galvanizing. It's not a competitive thing, oddly enough. It just lights the spark.

Unfortunately, I was never active in the Torchwood fandom, so I have no fics to rec. I mean, that I've read. I've written a couple of very random crossovers because hey. It's kind of fun to hook Jack up with people.
Jack/Ianto (or Ianto/Jack, I find I don't much care who tops in this pairing): Midnight

Also, if you check my delicious account I have a bunch of "fandom:Torchwood" links. most of htem J/I.
Now that I'm feeling slightly less lazy and went and found the link:

Recommendations from other people for Jack/Ianto.

As far as moving out of my comfort zone? Truthfully, being in fannish spaces at all tends to be out of my comfort zone. I just do it.

And, of course, lurking and paying attention to what seems to be "appropriate" within said community.