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Fic: One Sexy Cave In (Chapel/Kirk, NC-17)

Title: One Sexy Cave In
Author: igrockspock
Pairing: Chapel/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Being trapped in a confined space on the verge of death is inevitable when you're a Starfleet officer. Chapel makes the most of it by taking advantage of her captain.
Notes: This is the pornographic coda I would have added to my remix if it had worked with the story at all. It didn't, so I wrote it for where_no_woman's current drabble fest instead. It's not necessary to read the remix to understand the porn.
Word Count: 1600

"Captain, we are going to die."

Kirk snorts derisively in the dark.

"Chris, I've been trapped in 5,291 cave-ins, and my crew has never failed to get me out. And as long as we're trapped under several hundred pounds of rock, I think you should call me Jim."

"Sir, that statistic is a gross exaggeration, and you know it. And don't call me Chris."

"You think we're going to die, and you care if I call you Chris?"

The truthful answer to this question is no, but it is far easier to fabricate reasons to be annoyed with her captain than to think about their crushed communicators or the miles of rock separating them from the Enterprise. She had been imagining her death since the moment she joined Starfleet, and she had even felt prepared for it. But she does not want to go like this, suffocating helplessly beneath piles of rock on a godforsaken moon. If she is going to be trapped on top of James T. Kirk, she thinks she at least deserves the chance to tell Gaila about it before she dies. The faint chuckle that escapes her lips at that thought sounds both weak and insane.

Kirk drapes an arm protectively around her shoulders and squeezes.

"Christine, look at me," he says.

She does. She is not too frightened to notice that he looks good even in the dim blue glow of her tricorder screen.

"It's okay to be scared. But we're going to get out. I -- we -- have the best crew in the fleet, and they're not going to stop till they find us. Alive."

The determination in his voice sends a trickle of warmth down her belly, and she thinks that if she does have to die, she could do it worse places than on top of the man known to all of Starfleet as Captain Fine. And he is fine. Not just because he is gorgeous, but because he saved the earth and passed the credit to his crew, and he's never asked any one of them to do anything dangerous that he wouldn't do himself. He rubs his hand up and down her arm reassuringly, and she snuggles into his embrace. She is definitely not thinking about dying in a cave-in now.

"You're a good captain," she mutters into the dark.

"Thanks. Anytime."

His voice is bare centimeters from her ear, and she can hear him smile in the dark. A good captain, she thinks, and a good man. She tilts her head a little bit so that her forehead is pressed against the warm skin of his neck. He doesn't seem to mind. She likes the way that his hand keeps moving up and down her arm in warm, comforting strokes. She can tell there's no ulterior motive in it; he only wants to take care of his crew, even if it's just her -- which makes her feel just a little guilty about the plan hatching in the back of her mind. Not so guilty that she isn't going to do it though. Very casually, she lays a hand over his ribs. His muscles twitch faintly beneath her fingers. You are a bad, bad woman, she thinks, but she really can't help herself. Chivalry is sexy. And very distracting.

She shifts slightly so that she is lying exactly on top of him and looks up cautiously.

"Sorry," she mutters. "There was a rock poking my hip."


He strokes her arm a little more firmly. He likes to cuddle, she thinks. She wouldn't have expected that. Not that she would ever kiss and tell. Although she does think she might manage to kiss him.

She shifts herself again, letting the inside of her thigh rest against his hip. She feels a faint answering twinge from his groin, and she buries her face against his chest so he will not see her small, triumphant smile.

"Careful," he whispers.

She shifts a little more.

"Sorry. Is this better?"

She can feel him growing underneath her. He flushes in the faint light of her tricorder display.

"I'm really sorry, Christine."

He shakes his head, looking up at the ceiling.

"It's, uh, just been a long time since I, uh, you know, and when you moved..."

"It's okay. It's been a long time for me too."

He pushes a tendril of hair behind her ear.

"I find that really hard to believe, Christine. You're smart, you're beautiful, you defended sickbay from marauding Romulans..."

He pauses for a moment, realization dawning on his face.

"And you are trying to seduce me."

She rolls along the lengthening bulge in his trousers.

"Is it working?"

Not stopping for an answer, she pulls up the sleeve of his tunic and runs her fingernails along the inside of his forearm. He closes his eyes and shudders under her touch. Emboldened by her success, she scoots down so that she can lift his tunic just a fraction of an inch and stroke the exposed ridges of muscle beneath it. Of course, this means that she is now sitting directly on top of his very hard cock, and she rocks against it a little harder than she means to.

"We're alone," she whispers, leaning in close. "And I know you believe we'll get out, but I don't. And I want this."

He shudders again when her breath hits his ear. His open mouth is inches from hers. She can see that he wants this as badly as she does, but he won't let himself have it.

"Please," she whispers. "You said it yourself. I'm brave. I defended sickbay from marauding Romulans. I know what I want."

"Okay," he whispers back.

He tilts her head up and kisses along her jaw.

"You have."

His kisses trail down her neck.


He sucks at the pulse point beneath her jaw.

"Seduced me."

His hands slide down her back and skim along the cleft of her ass. She arches up into his touch, and he thrusts hard against her. But his fingers are gentle when he tugs the pony tail holder out of her hair and tangles his fingers into the short blond strands. Cupping the back of her head, he pushes her face toward his and kisses her slowly so that she can feel every centimeter of his plush lips sliding against hers. She presses her body into his, intending to kiss him faster and harder, but he pulls her head up carefully.

"Before we go any farther, I just want to say -- " and he pauses to swipe a thumb along the edge of her wet panties -- "that you fighting off those Romulans was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

She laughs. The soft, melodic sound of it echoes against the tight rock walls.

"You were unconscious."

"I watched the security tapes."

She bends down to kiss him again, but his fingers are still twined in his hair, and he tugs her back just firmly enough to make her moan.

"Not so fast."

His fingers slide under her panties and burrow into her wet flesh. She slides up and down against them.

"Thank you for protecting my crew."

With that, he pulls her down into a long, hard kiss. His teeth brush against her lips as his fingers slide knuckle deep inside her, and she kisses his neck, liking the way his stubble prickles against her lips. His fingers are moving inside her slowly but firmly, giving her time to build toward an orgasm, but Christine has never been a patient woman. She licks the hollow of his throat, sucks the pounding pulse point beneath his jaw, and nips his earlobes until he is panting in her ear and thrusting three hungry fingers deep into her.

"Need you, Chris," he breathes into her ear. "Need to be inside you."

She wastes no time yanking down his zipper and freeing him from his trousers. He pulses in her hand, hard and slick, and she flicks her thumb over the head just to watch him gasp. Then she trails a fingernail slowly up and down his shaft, teasing him. She wants to make him take her, and he does, seizing her by the hips and pushing her down on top of him. The thickness of him makes her ache a little bit -- it has been a long time -- but she clenches herself around him as tightly as she can. She wants to savor this, but she knows she's not going to last long, not with his hands pressing hard on her hips, his thumb rough on her clit, and most of all, his mouth wide open and his eyes locked on hers. She bends down to kiss him one last time, and he slides nearly all the way out of her, letting her feel the head of his cock snap against her opening. He thrusts into her hard once and then again, and they moan their climaxes into each other's mouths.

There is no room for her to move, so she collapses on top of him. Both of their bodies shudder against each other with the last waves of their orgasm.

"You're amazing," he whispers. "Beautiful, brave, capable of defeating Romulan intruders single-handed..."

He gathers sweat-damp hair off her neck and pulls her toward him for a final kiss.

"And seductive."

She smiles against his neck.

"Happy to do it, sir. Any time."

The Enterprise, of course, beams them out five minutes later.
At least they weren't beamed out six minutes earlier than they were!

I should say something analytical and expressive, but this story made me imitate my icon. EEEEEEEEEEEE! \o/
Sexy cave-ins are the best kind! This was a tasty morsel of hotness, thank you!
Oooh, pornographic coda! Very hot. Your Chapel is still awesome, and your Jim is fantastic as well.
Oh, lovely and sexy! I really like how this fits with your story, yet is also kind of its own.

Heh, and the last line is so awesome--a throwback to the having-sex-on-away-mission cliche.
What else are you going to do when you're trapped in a cave-in with Captain Fine? *sigh* I love how bold she gets when she thinks she's going to die. Oh, Christine. This is very sexy and enjoyable.
This is great, I especially loved that it was Chapel who took charge. Kirk/Chapel has become kind of a guilty pleasure of mine lately.
Can I have some more, please?

Maybe! I'm kind of obsessed with this pairing for some reason. One day, I'm hoping to write 5 Times Jim Kirk Was a Little in Love with Christine Chapel (and One Time He Actually Did Something about It), but that is probably a ways off. I'm glad you enjoyed this little morsel in the meantime!
I love how determined Christine is, and, mmm, Jim. I hope they managed to get some clothes on before they were beamed out! ;)
Heh. I'm sure they did. Quit post-coital clean-up is probably part of the Starfleet cave-in training.
Hot damn! I want to be trapped in a cave in with Captain Fine! And actually I wouldn't object to being trapped with Christine either

This was sexyhot, bb, and really beautifully written, and not what I should be reading at work. LOL But really, Kirk/Chapel? There was no way I could wait til I got home for that!
Brb. I'll be in my bunk.

There is not enough Kirk/Chapel in the world. You totally just made my night after a really long day.
Thank you so much! I agree about the Kirk/Chapel - they are among my favorite pairings, but this is the first time I've gotten around to writing them. I'm hoping to get a less PWP piece done sometime, but I should probably wait till after big bang...