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You go, Jack!

So I know I'm supposed to hate Children of Earth, but I just watched the whole thing in one go and OMG SO MUCH LOVE. It gutted me. I love things that gut me. It was honest, it posed fascinating ethical dilemmas, and I think Jack did the right thing. Surak would approve, even if the internet does not.

1. I love Lois! Maybe more than anyone else on the show. She's my very favorite kind of female character - someone who's brave and scared all at once, and I want to read and write fic about her taking over Torchwood with Gwen.

2. I am probably not supposed to care about this aspect of the show so much, but as soon as they started talking about the selection criteria for the kids, my stomach clenched because I knew what they would say -- get rid of the worst ones. In other words, my kids. They are half my school. I fight a battle with them and for them every day. I literally felt sick when they said, "if we can't identify the worst kids, what else are those tests for?" because I am losing that standardized test battle every day. That was the part of the story that didn't even feel like a science fiction allegory to me, because my city, my state, and my country, are throwing those kids away every day. And sometimes, on my dark days and on my lazy ones, I am complicit.

3. So. Jack. The story had to end that way. When the home office is sitting around saying, "we can give up kids so long as we don't have to give up ours," we're meant to feel disgusted by that because it is disgusting. Jack found himself in the mirror image of that dilemma. He had one shot to save millions of children, and to do that, he had to sacrifice his own. It wouldn't have been better to say, "go get someone else's" -- not that that option would even have been available. And these kids are drugs. Those aliens would have come back for more, and more, and more. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Spock would understand that, and this makes me exponentially more excited about Star Trek/Torchwood crossovers. Especially since Jack is taking off for a new life. That's just really convenient.

4. I love the women on this show. It's not just that they're strong women; it's that they're strong in different ways. Gwen is an amazing commander and a kind of fucked up wife. Tosh was brave at work and a coward in her personal life. And that evil commander lady in Children of Earth? Usually my least favorite stock character ever. Want to pretend your show empowers women? Put one in tight black clothes and make her seductively ruthless! But it didn't bother me here at all because there are so many different kinds of women on Torchwood that a sexy evil morally ambiguous woman was just fun -- not the least because I imagine she's exactly how Jack, or Angel, or maybe even a really determined starship captain would look to an outsider.

5. I know that "injury to one is an injury to all" slogan originated from labor unions, but surely the writers were aware that it is also very heavily associated with the gay rights movement? I think that is nifty, and a longer post about my feelings on sexuality, Torchwood, and my own experiences with sexual orientation are forthcoming.

My final thought is a quote from Angel: "You do what you have to do to protect the people around you. To do what you know is right, regardless of the cost. You're the guy who makes all the hard decisions, even if you have to make 'em alone."
Lois so completely made Children of Earth for me, because she was so brave and clever and stood up for her beliefs. She wasn't a gun-slining fighter, or a hacker, she was just a hard-working woman trying to do her best.

This series really chilled me - it wasn't really the aliens that scared me, it was the people. I can watch those government sessions again and again and still have chills running up my spine.
Supposed schmaposed. I find your take on COE very illuminating and valuable.
I had a mixed reaction to COE. I really liked it up to about the last episode and a half. I loved Gwen. She's grown so much over the course of the series, and I absolutely adore her. I loved Rhys. I loved Lois. The plot was totally creepy and gut-wrenching, but I bought it.

My problem, in the end, was with Jack and his arc. It just seemed to me that the writers were substituting angst for real drama and character development. They just kept heaping misery on the guy, and by the end I felt like I was being cheated, in a way. It's hard to explain, since it's been almost an entire year. I felt something similar with DW (I forget which season) so that probably contributed to my overall dissatisfaction.

But Gwen and Lois taking over Torchwood? I would so watch or read that.
(Sorry, that was me; signed into wrong journal.)

I am losing that standardized test battle every day.

I volunteered at an alternative high school in downtown BigCity this last trimester, and the kids were all kinds of awesome. I wish I could continue working with them; alas, I'm not a teacher and I have to get back to the real world eventually. So I keep sending my weekly emails to get rid of NCLB.

[S]urely the writers were aware that it is also very heavily associated with the gay rights movement?

If RTD had anything to do with the episodes, yes. There's some interesting queer subtext under the super-obvious queer text.

I have a giant essay saved somewhere about class issues in Torchwood, but I never really did anything with it because I know I don't understand British class issues the way I understand USian ones.

And I agree with the commenter above: monsters-of-the-week don't scare me; people do. (Other than the Cybermen. They scare me.)
I don't care if anyone is supposed not to like it - I DO LIKE IT.

Maybe because I hadn't seen any Torchwood before it so I had nothing to lose, had no fandom involvement - I just thought that it was fabulous story-telling. I adored the women, and I agreed with Jack's decision to sacrifice his own, really a very Vulcan-ly decision. So I'm all with you.
I actually agree! Some of COE was hard to watch and made me cringe and never want to watch it again but it was excellent and powerful and moving.

I would love to see Lois again on Torchwood. Also, Star Trek/Torchwood crossovers would rock!