spock: logic is sexy

21 first lines

The first lines of my last 21 stories.

1. One wakes with a start from a dream she cannot remember.
Not for the Last Time, Pike/Number One, NC-17

2. Gaila arrived at Starfleet Academy in between the summer and fall terms with special permission from two admirals and the residence hall director.
Safety in Numbers, Gaila gen, PG-13

3. Amanda bites into a cherry, heedless of the juice spilling across her chin, and spits the pit over the balcony railing.
Her Lips Like Cherries, Amanda/Sarek, PG-13

4. Sulu's never been much for talking about the past.
Just Like a Waving Flag, Sulu, Gaila/Sulu, PG-13 (see post for warnings)

5. When Leira turns 18, she's broke.
Survivor -- Found, not!Gaila, gen, PG-13

6. Christine peels off her stockings and stretches her legs out on the desk in front of her.
Legs Her Only Weapon, Chapel, gen

7.Once upon a time, before she married a Vulcan ambassador, Amanda was not a practical person.
What Women Want, Amanda/Sarek, PG-13

8. Leira grew up on a colony world far from Orion Prime
People Like Me, not!Gaila, PG

9. Madeline awakens slowly, exploring the scents and sounds around her before she opens her eyes, just as her elders had taught her.
Scars Like Maps, Madeline, PG

10. One arrives at the Academy with a single black duffel bag.
Care My Father, Order My Mother, Number One, G

11. If she closes her eyes and wishes hard enough, Christine can almost imagine she's on the beach.
Not a Standard-Issue Hook-up, Gaila/Chapel, R

12. When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with matched sets of lace lingerie.
Ten Things about Christine Chapel's Sexuality, Chapel/various, NC-17

13. She hadn't even known he'd gone into space.
Dolce Et Decorum Est, Olsen's mother, PG

14. Amanda rises from the bed, her gauzy nightgown barely covering her body.
Not the Desert, Not Repenting, Amanda/Sarek, R

15. The door hisses shut behind her, and the heat blasts her face.
Heaven, Spock/Uhura, PG-13

16. At 21:00 hours on Saturday night, Sarek remains at his desk, studying his computer screen.
Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed, Amanda/Sarek, PG-13

17. She has been captain of the Yorktown for two hours and thirty six minutes, not that she's been counting.
Twilight Glimpse at Setting Sun, Pike/Number One, NC-17

18. On their first Christmas together, Amanda receives a toaster, earmuffs, and several pairs of socks.
Walk the Line, Amanda/Sarek, PG-13

19. The uniform is tighter than she imagined, the fabric scratchier.
Dancing Lessons from God, Winona, G

20. Uhura braces the phaser rifle awkwardly against her shoulder.
Command Decisions, Uhura, PG-13

21. One lifts her head and peers cautiously over the rocky opening of the cave.
Invictus, Number One, PG