4 Star Trek Recs

Claimed and Consolation Prize by circ_bamboo - Pike/Number One & Cait Barry/OFC (NC-17)

In the first fic, a beautifully competent Number One rescues Captain Pike from crime lords keeping him chained up in skimpy underwear, and sexiness ensues. The second fic is a sort of sequel/missing scene from "Claimed" in which Cait Barry is a little in love with Number One, but holds her had high and has fabulous sex with a believably drawn OFC instead.

Filifera by boosette - Pike/Number One (R, with warnings for consent issues)

A lyrical, plausible, and sexy take on a favorite Star Trek scenario: sex pollen. Watching Pike and Number One try to balance physical desire with informed consent is fascinating and very true to character for them both.

If You Can't Crawl by thistlerose - Gaila, with appearances by Charlene Masters

Gaila doesn't want to believe in no-win scenarios, but Starfleet isn't quite so understanding. For a very short fic, this builds up an emotionally resonant back story for Gaila as well as a nicely done female friendship to support her.

Bad Medicine is What I Need by amathela on DW - McCoy/Uhura, PG-13

This fic is pretty old, but I just discovered it. Uhura is struggling in her mandatory medical coursework, and when she stumbles on McCoy in a bar, he offers to help. I loved the somewhat rakish characterization of McCoy, and the rare glimpse at Uhura in a moment of imperfection.