I can haz remix!

Remix is live! You can browse the stories by clicking on a fandom. I received The Moment of Our Greatness Flickers, a remix of a very random drabble I wrote about Jocelyn McCoy. I really admire my remixer's work because s/he was able to actually show the dissolution of the McCoys' marriage while I was only able to tell about it, and the writing feels very authentic to dysfunctional families.

I suspect it is obvious which story I wrote.

Now I am elsewhere to do my laundry because the hit counter on A03 doesn't do favors for anyone's sanity.
I think we all think our stories are totally obvious -- I know I think mine is. I bet the one you wrote is awesome, and I know the one you recieved is splendiferous.
I'd go see if I could pick your remix out of the line-up except I know who your recipient was. I know boosette's too, so no guessing games for me.
That's alright! I should have just looked to see if you had commented on my story. Of course, I cannot actually confirm or deny anything...