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I declare my remix done! I can't say that it's a perfect story, but it's definitely the best story I could make it. I think there are probably still some holes in the plot, but then, the same is true for a good 90% of Star Trek episodes. I shall claim that I was being faithful to the source material*, and hope that people will overlook plot issues in favor of characterization, which I think was pretty good. No idea what my remixee will think. I remixed from the POV of a character who did not even appear in her original story, nor even in any of her other stories. Good thing it's not a gift exchange!

Beta readers, I'll be emailing you tonight, but thank you so much for your help -- it would absolutely not have been the same story without you!

*by which I mean Star Trek canon in general, not my remixee's story, which did not contain any sort of plot holes.
Oh that glorious feeling of finishing a remix omg.

It feels like my icon looks, possibly with added alcohol.
Hm. Now I am going to browse the character and pairing tags on the remix page and see if I can spot yours...
Hm. I was going to guess that you wrote the lone Pike/One story, but I suppose someone could have written it for me. Either that or you're just being disingenuous.
I can neither confirm nor deny that I wrote the lone PikeOne story. (Said story may in fact also be for me: My guess is that it's either that one that's mine, or the Kirk/Gaila one.)
There's Pike/One and Kirk/Gaila? When does the archive open? Is it now? Is it now? Will it yet be day??

Seriously (and comment-double-duty-ily), IGS, good going on finishing! I know you sweated bullets over it, but I bet your recipient will be thrilled to see you had them as your assignee. *cheers*
I want my remix now, lordhavemercy. I want all remix now, because it looks like it will be a positively brilliant year for it.
I was rather hoping it would open at midnight on Sunday morning/Saturday night, but apparently, it won't be open until 3 p.m. eastern time -- which is probably just as well, since I'm supposed to be social tomorrow night.

I am curious whether the Gaila/Kirk story could be mine, but I only have one story about them, so... If it's not the Gaila/Kirk or the Pike/One, they must have chosen some genfic. Figuring out which one that might be is a lot harder though - there are a lot of individual character tags! And, um, also I appear to be obsessed...
Congrats! The times I've done it, I found remix to be one of the most difficult challenges ever. It's a rush to finish though!
Thanks! When I did it last year, I actually felt like it was pretty easy. The story just sort of wrote itself, and I was done weeks before the deadline. This year's remixee's tastes diverged pretty wildly from mine, so I didn't have quite as much choice as I wanted to, and that made it much more challenging. I do enjoy participating in remix though - it always makes me test my boundaries.
Yeah, I think I found my stories so difficult because my remixee had some very different ideas than me about character and structure. I ended up having to strip the plot to something very bare bones to be able to do something with it.