Winona Kirk, Time Agent

The more I thought about my big bang, the more I realized that I just wasn't comfortable centering it on Kirk and Spock. My remix went so wrong at first because I was trying to force myself to write a characters whom I didn't know very well, and doing something like that with my big bang would be disastrous. Besides, something about Winona just feels right. So here is what I am thinking...

We know that Starfleet has its own Time Agency thingie -- they showed up in DS9 after Sisko went back in time to the Tribble incident of TOS. What if Winona went to work for them after George died? In my head canon, she is a physicist or an engineer, which means she would have the scientific skills needed to understand an assignment like that. I'm not sure how the Time Agency recruited her (or what the Time Agency's real name is, but I'll research that later). One theory might be that this is way to remain enlisted in Starfleet while not losing time with her children. Occasionally, she has to go back to the past, but when they bring her back to the present, they can return her to whatever moment they want -- including just a couple hours after she left. Alternatively, this Starfleet Time Agency thing strongly suspects that Nero is from the future, and they recruit her by telling her this is a way to get back at George's killer. She does it because she can't handle sitting idly in Iowa or going off on meaningless exploratory missions, and this seems like a way to protect the Federation from the kind of disasters that happened to her. Of course, it's an unpredictable, 24/7 kind of job, so she ends up missing a lot of birthdays and holidays, which causes a rift in her relationship with her children.

Either way, her assignment was classified. Maybe she pretended to be a stay-at-home mom, or maybe she pretended to be going off on voyages with fake starships (which Jim could eventually look up and realize were fake, causing yet more angst). Like the Torchwood team, she has a really draining job she can't talk about, and sometimes details of her life don't add up when she talks to her loved ones -- especially her sons, who are increasingly aware as they get older. This puts her sort of in the middle of the Torchwood team -- she's not as lonely as a lot of them, but the relationships she does have aren't really working because of her job.

Anyway, when Starfleet realizes that Vulcan artifacts are falling through the rift and landing in Cardiff, they send Winona to retrieve them. (At this point, no one realizes that Vulcan katras are coming through because it's not like they leave physical evidence behind.) Initially, Winona doesn't attract much attention because she's time traveled before, and she's accustomed to fitting in different places. However, Torchwood keeps showing up at rift sites where the artifacts appear and so does she, so they notice each other. At first, Torchwood thinks she's just an American tourist (which is her cover story), and then they think she's an annoying amateur alien hunter.

Ultimately, though, Jack gets suspicious. Maybe her car breaks down, and he hears her swearing at twenty-first century combustion engines. Maybe he sees her using technology that she shouldn't have, or he spots her snagging Vulcan artifacts. Of course, they have fabulous sexual chemistry, and Winona capitalizes on it because she figures it's an excellent way to learn about this organization that collecting all the artifacts she's been sent to retrieve. Eventually, Winona might just tell him the truth about being from the future so that she can work with Torchwood instead of against them.

Meanwhile, though, Gwen is possessed (inhabited?) by a katra who attached itself to her while she was gathering artifacts. Initially, the difference in her personality is barely visible, but something about her is a little off -- like, she's a little less sympathetic and compassionate than she used to be. People think it's the job wearing her down, and they try to talk to her about it, but she stonewalls them, or maybe says that her attitude is just logical. Eventually, the personality changes are more pronounced, like she starts saying things like "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one." As this is happening, more and more katras are acting out on the rage and loss they feel over the destruction of their planet. Some of them are violent, and Torchwood notices a strange upsurge in people who commit violent crimes while speaking a language unknown on Earth. This language matches the language found on Vulcan artifacts, and Torchwood suspects an alien invasion. Then, as they talk to someone who committed one of these violent crimes, they realize that he uses a lot of the phrases that Gwen has been using lately. Gwen sees this too and admits that she feels like something (or someone) else is inside her, influencing her thoughts and sometimes even her actions. They lock her up, and no one will say it, but they're all wondering if she'll have to be killed.

At this point, they begin to suspect Winona. Certainly, she knows more than she's told them, so they don't believe her when she says that she's fully human or that she doesn't know what's going on. (And she really doesn't know what's going on -- katras are one of those things that Vulcans don't talk about.) Naturally, they imprison her and interrogate her, perhaps brutally.

Meanwhile, Starfleet realizes that its Time Agent is missing, and they send the best they have to get her: Jim Kirk. Why they would send him requires some thought. Perhaps the Enterprise happens to be near an opening of a rift located very deep in space, and sending someone else there would be too time-consuming? And they have to get her really fast because her unplanned disappearance could alter the time line yet again? Anyway, this is when Kirk finds out that his mother had this job, and knowing that she wasn't deliberately remote or negligent fuels extra determination to get her back. He goes, and some of his crew jump into the rift after him. Definitely Spock, because they need him. Who else remains undecided.

Are there any Torchwood comms that routinely hold drabble challenges? I think I could use some practice writing these characters before I embark on my big bang.
OMG, I frickin love this idea. Write it, pleeeease write it! (Also, I vote McCoy for jumping in after Kirk and Spock, since he almost always goes along in TOS, and I always miss him when he's not in a story. Even when there are perfectly legitimate reasons. Or Sulu, since he strikes me as an adventurous soul. Ooh, Chekov since he's supersmart. Or Uhura, since she's so good with languages ... though they do have the universal translator to make up for lingual shifts. And ... now I'm just not being helpful.)

But yes. I really like this idea.
OMG, I frickin love this idea.

Oh thank god! Every time I post something new about this story, I think, "this is where my idea is turning to crack and nobody is going to read it any more."

Write it, pleeeease write it!
Um, I'm going to try? I'm actually starting to believe I could be successful.

I'm holding off on deciding who goes back with Jim because I'm scared of writing characters who are unfamiliar to me. I mean, Spock definitely, but even though it's been awhile since I've written him, I get Vulcans well enough to work with his character. And yeah, I see the arguments for McCoy and Uhura...I just have to figure out what I would do with them. I'm holding onto the option of taking the entire senior staff and/or Enterprise into the rift.
I don't know about torchwood comms with regular drabbles; I'm not much active in the fandom.

But I have to say, I love you for making Winona your focus.
I don't know TOrchwood at all but I still think this sounds like a really awesome idea. And totally do-able as a BB.

Also, I totally hear your wibbling about signing up for it - I did too! So we can wibble at each other for the next 3 months ;)
I don't know TOrchwood at all but I still think this sounds like a really awesome idea.

That's very encouraging! I'm hoping to write it so that it makes sense and emotionally resonates, even to people who don't know Torchwood.

Yay to our newfound wibbling partnership!
Hm, could be! Maybe Starfleet is all evil and psychologically manipulative that way, and they send someone who will absolutely have to get her back.
tw100 is an active drabble community, and I know there's loads of pairing-specific drabble comms out there, too.
I adore this idea, and I'm getting dragged away from my computer.

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Well, I'm sorry you're getting dragged away, but thank you for the encouragement. I really do need it!
This continues to get more and more fascinating! Based on these thinking out loud posts and of course the culture-building and adventures in your previous stories, I have great faith in your ability to pull this off. :D

In the meantime, I should probably try and familiarise myself with Torchwood... ;-)
Thank you! I *really* appreciate the encouragement!

I'm hoping to write this story in a way that it makes sense even if you don't know lots about Torchwood, but it is an awesome show, and totally worth your attention. I'll bet you'd love it!
This is such an incredibly awesome idea that I am pretty much speechless.

Winona + Torchwood + time rifts in space = Dani's brain trailing off in contemplation of the possibilities

I'm not familiar with Torchwood fandom, so can't answer your question about comms. But I am familiar with Torchwood (!), and I love love love your big bang idea. It's brilliant.

Thank god! Like I told someone else, every time I post about this story, I'm convinced that I've crossed the line between "interesting crossover" and "total crack." It means a lot to know that at least a few people don't think that's the case!

I love EVERYTHING about this idea. It would've never occurred to me, but this really is the PERFECT fic setup for Winona, and I love Jim and the Enterprise entering into the equation at the last minute. And Gwen being possessed just sounds so. Damn. Interesting.

In conclusion. Yes, yes, dear god yes.
Thank you so much! Like I've said to everyone who commented, support really means a lot to me right now! This is a bigger endeavor than I've ever taken on, so the cheerleading really helps :)
I know next to nothing about Torchwood but oh my gosh this sounds like an amazing story.

I'm being biased because I love reading Sulu when you write him, but I think Kirk really would bring Sulu with him because he's handy in a fight without future tech. And if Kirk is jumping into a potentially hostile situation, he's probably anticipating there'll be a fight.
Thank you! I'm hoping that the story will be appealing to people who aren't very familiar with Torchwood, so it's very heartening to hear you say that.

That's a good point about Sulu's fighting skills. I think the really hard thing about this story is that Kirk would have good reason to bring *everyone* along, so I'll have to be choosy. Or opt to bring them all...
Drive-by comment: This is a fantastic idea. I gotta go and put your lj on my bookmark list, so that I can check up on it from time to time.
Thank you very much! It is vastly reassuring that people who are not even members of my flist think this is a good idea. I do hope you'll stop by again sometime soon :)