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Torchwood season two (so far)

Hm. I hope my love for my shiny new show is not waning. Thus far, I have only watched two episodes, and I feel like they were much more about the guest stars than the regulars. And I do appreciate the work they put into these one-off roles, and the talented people they find to play them, but I want my characters more. I also do not want James Marsters. Initially, I was excited because I always like it when actors from my favorite shows find new work...but I'd like them to find work as new characters, not as the same character they played before but with a different hair color. While it is fun that Torchwood reminds me of Buffy, I don't want it to be Buffy. When Spike sexy bad Time Agent stood dramatically alone after killing someone and proclaimed, "I'm thirsty," they carried the imitation a little too far. Also, um, I think the writers read a lot of slash fic. I will kiss you! Now I will punch you! Now I will make out with you more! Sorry, that story line needs to stay in fanfic where it can be id crack. It doesn't belong on the actual series. And James Marsters will apparently be back. Sigh. I am curious about where this Jack/Ianto thing is going though, and I'm happy they are fleshing out his character a bit more. He gives excellent snark!

I really need to work on my remix now instead of procrastinating by watching more Torchwood. I know exactly what needs to happen to finish off the story, but actually making myself do it is proving problematic.