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Remix (again)

So, when I started this entry a couple hours ago, it began like this:

I am strongly considering defaulting on my remix. It's due on Sunday, and I'm not even halfway there. Today was a surprise day off school, but even though it is 3 o'clock, I have done absolutely no work on it.

Now my remix has been unexpectedly hijacked by a supporting character, and it is only 32 words shy of the 1000 word minimum. If I go back and re-write a couple scenes from the new character's point of view, it will definitely be 1000 words, and it will definitely be something I can finish by Sunday (although I might ask for an extension so that I can get it beta read and make some last minute tweaks). The only problem is that I have some scenes from the original main character's POV that I really love, and I can't decide if this is a "kill your darlings" situation or not. I think the best plan is to get a completed story from the new character's POV just so it's done, and then if there's time left over later, I can work in the old character's scenes too.

Also, I shall order toasted ravioli and drink wine. And maybe post some thoughts on season 1 of Torchwood, which I finished earlier this afternoon instead of working on remix.
If it helps, my remix is all about minor characters in the original fic. Also, I bet your recipient would love two stories, if you wrote those main-character scenes later.

I hope this makes sense. My soundtrack is a very angry little girl.

How was Torchwood?
It does make sense! I think the situation I'm writing about is general enough that I could choose to write a similar scenario for my main character later without stepping on my remixee's feet.

I am so head over heels in love with Torchwood. I wish I could somehow distill my thoughts into something more articulate. Sometimes I feel like the writers don't quite know where to stop (like wtf Gwen brought Jack back to life with a kiss), but even when they cross a line, the emotional core of the show is still there. And I love Gwen -- not necessarily because everything about her is lovable, but because she is so *real,* and I feel like real women characters are even harder to find than awesome women characters. I'm really intrigued by Jack's sexuality too. There is a whole post brewing about that somewhere, but in spite of my somewhat awkward feelings about slash, I genuinely do enjoy seeing a male character canonically presented as sexually attracted to other men. My current thought is that he actually is gay but indulged in some relationships with women because the 1940s weren't exactly accepting...

My soundtrack is listening for thunder and watching weather reports. I am hoping for there *not* to be more tornadoes tonight.

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I love your love of Gwen. :) I really like her, though I don't love her (no fault of hers, it's just that I love Tosh) for many of the reasons you cite.

The original Jack Harkness, whom our Jack snagged the name from, was definetely gay and trying to cover in the 1940's, I thought.
You could write if from the new character's POV and do a sidefic from the old character's? It might be hard to integrate two POVs if it's mostly from one of them..