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Remix panic

I am trying to talk myself down from a ledge right now. Yes, the fic is due on Sunday, and no, I will not be home Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights, nor do I work in an environment where I can steal a couple hours to work on it during the day. But I will still have Thursday and Friday nights to work, and also time on Saturday and Sunday. If worse comes to worst, I will upload a draft and edit it until reveals, which is a whole other week. I wrote the opening two scenes, and all they need is line editing. I have also taken steps to acquire help with the plotting. Now it is okay if I want to eat dinner and take a shower, and when I'm done, I might have some more thoughts. This will be okay.

In brighter news, I am so in love with my new Netflix account. How did I miss out on something this awesome for this long? I've only been rating movies for two days and it has already made me a category entitled "strong female leads."
Remember, it only has to be 1000 words. There's nothing that says you have to deal with an entire story, especially if the one you've chosen is a long one. I've seen people take one scene or even one aspect of a story and remix along those lines very effectively. Sometimes less is more. And far saner ;)
Very true, except that I've actually taken a drabble and expanded it. If I haven't hit my 1,000 words yet, I'm pretty close, but the story I want to tell is a lot longer than that.
*roots you on*

And Netflix is very cool! I had it for a while last year and watched a ton of great movies.
Um, don't jump? You have a sensible plan, be sensible and follow it? *is vague and encouraging*

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Very sensible plan. I, too, am cheering you on. *\o/*

And your Netflix has excellent taste. :D