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It was a hard week, and I meant to end it by curling up with a glass of wine and my newly made mashed potatoes several hours ago. Unfortunately, the mashed potatoes somehow ended up taking two and a half hours to make. It's not worth discussing here. The important thing is that I have a glass of wine now, and the mashed potatoes taste good, even if it took me much longer to obtain them that I ever imagined. And now I am going to watch episode two of Torchwood. I gather that I will find the series finale bitterly disappointing once I finally get there, but for now, I am vastly intrigued by how the main conflict is not merely fighting hungry aliens but also each characters' internal avarice. It also makes me happy that I am mostly looking through the eyes of a female character who appears both tough and vulnerable, which is my favorite kind of woman. Now I am off to episode two - no spoilers please!
I guess I will have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I have loved a lot of things fandom hated (Book 5 of Harry Potter, season 6 of Buffy), so maybe the third series of Torchwood will work for me better than it did for others.
I love Torchwood! I even think it's better than Doctor Who, which is saying something - although that might be the difference between kids' programming and an adult show. I would be one of the people who loved series three, actually. I dunno. Anyway, I'm glad you're watching it.
I'm glad to hear that some people liked the third season. I often like things that other people don't (i.e. season six of Buffy), so I have some hope that I can like the whole series.
One thing I really adored Torchwood for were its female characters. (or, TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem)

When you're ready I have a story to rec to you about Gwen taking over Torchwood.
I like Tosh thus far, and I really hope that they develop her a bit more. I'd like more back story.

I will take you up on that rec as soon as I get to...wherever I need to get in order to avoid spoilers and understand the story. I'm kind of sad that I can't really get involved in any fannish reading or writing activities until I've watched the whole series.
It took a while, but I think by the second season, Gwen had really grown on me, so that by "Children of Earth" (which follows season two) I absolutely adored her. I have mixed thoughts about the series as a whole, but Gwen = awesome.
I loved Gwen pretty instantly. She's so real. One of my biggest frustrations with female characters (aside from their general non-existence) is that I think a lot of writers want to make them into this paragon of perfection, as if someone has to be perfect in order to be strong. I like Gwen because you can't deny that she's an empowered woman, but she still has lots of weaknesses and lots of learning to do too.
I just finished 1 and 2, and I keep putting off watching 3 because I'm spoiled for it.

But I can't put it off forever.
Re: Torchwood
I'm doing my best to dodge the spoilers. I really like not knowing what's going to happen.
I haven't watched any Dr. Who, though I suspect that may be coming after Torchwood.

I'm obviously not at the point of any gender/sexuality meta yet, but thus far, I am really happy with the way the female characters have been presented, especially Gwen. I feel like a lot of shows are all "we need a strong woman" and they present some predictable, perfect hero who wears rubber and never makes mistakes. I like the way that Gwen is presented as someone who can fight back against both stupidity and misogyny, and someone whose humanity anchors the morality of the rest of the cast. Yet, she's definitely not perfect, and she definitely has lots to learn. I think that makes her feel much more like a person than a lot of female characters, and her outsider status is also a perfect lens for viewers to get into the show.