So I took prompts...

I really wasn't supposed to, but I keep getting bunnies for prompts other people have taken over at where_no_woman, and at the rate the AOS prompts are going, they were all going to be gone by the time I finished remix. Updating the claims list was just too tempting, so I took one about Winona on Tarsus without her boys. I am hoping to write something that is spare and disturbing.

Of course, taking just one proved impossible, so then I nabbed a TOS prompt too. It is for Amanda, and it's some song lyrics about digging a grave shallowly so its inhabitant can feel the rain. (Though obviously, it is much more eloquent than that.) I'm going to call it Gravedigger, and the subtitle or summary is going to be "Sarek mourns his wife in two universes."

I think I am officially over-committed with ficathons now, which is not stressful so much as sad -- the earliest deadlines are in mid-May, so I could be extraordinarily productive and still not actually get to post anything.

Hrm. Maybe I will just play with my new Gaila/Uhura story more.