Master list of claims posts

All canons now have claims posts available at where_no_woman . Other than TOS and AOS, claiming has been quiet, so you might consider giving other canons some love. It is okay if this means you make more than one claim.

non-specific canon

In other good news, many of the prompts I left have been claimed. I am super-excited because now I will get to read about Gaila consoling Jim after crewmembers die on an away mission, Chapel protecting a seriously injured Kirk, Uhura physically protecting McCoy, Janice Lester having gender dysphoria, and Kirk and snarky!Rand solving a mystery on the Enterprise. And also how Hoshi Sato died on Tarsus. Surprisingly, I have not yet claimed a prompt for myself. I think I will wait till I am further along on my remix fic and then I will come back for one of the leftovers. Maybe some of the one-shot characters in the TOS prompts. Hrm.

I also super-excited that people who haven't written for the comm are claiming prompts. I really think our fandom does an amazing job promoting its female characters.
I think where_no_woman does an amazing job of promoting female characters; I am less impressed with the rest of the fandom. Sadly, I think it's pretty much business as usual.
Maybe I just feel like it's awesome because my little corner of the fandom is made of my female-writing friends.
I am always amazed by the stories there too. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented writers of female characters!
*g* Both of the stories I signed up to write this May/June are from prompts of yours. You come up with good prompts.
Thank you! I love making prompts, and even more than that, I love seeing them filled by talented writers like you :)