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4 Star Trek Recs

I should really do something about that.

From the Desk of Leonard McCoy by linelenagain - Tarsus IV fics are a dime a dozen, but I found this one a very fresh take on a story I'd read a few times before. The fic starts with the premise that McCoy is interviewing Tarsus survivors without realizing that Jim is one of them. This is interesting, but what elevates the story to truly amazing is the way the writer has used ingenious graphics to create real email exchanges, transcripts of oral interviews, and other primary sources. No specific warnings are given, but there is some graphic imagery.

Semper Paratus (Pike/Number One) by snarkysocky - In the wake of the Narada incident, Pike and Number One must wrangle with some of the more unpleasant side effects of PTSD. I loved how the author didn't flinch from the difficult and unflattering aspects of the situation still kept incredible compassion for her characters. There is a brief warning at the top of the post.

Five Times Jim Was Neurotically Mothered by His Crew (And One Time He Mothered Them Right Back by _seven_crow - A beautiful team gen piece about the crew responding to the near-death of their captain. I love how beautifully each and every member of the crew is characterized.

A More Effective Drug (McCoy/Uhura) by thistlerose - McCoy cooks for Uhura while she has a cold. This fic is short and sweet, but packs in a surprising amount of emotion. I love all the ways that Uhura appreciates McCoy and how well the pairing is explained.

Now I am in the mood to read a McCoy/Uhura fic wherein Uhura is physically protective of McCoy and he likes it. Does such a thing exist?
Now I am in the mood to read a McCoy/Uhura fic wherein Uhura is physically protective of McCoy and he likes it. Does such a thing exist?

If it doesn't, it should because suddenly I crave this like I've been craving avocados all afternoon.
Hmm...maybe someone should write it...someone who's, I dunno, really, really good at the pairing already... whoever could that be?

Now that I think about it, 1297 has written some gorgeous McCoy/Uhura ficlets (my two stories were prompted/inspired by her) and this short one has Uhura saving McCoy (and being sexy while doing it).

But there should definitely definitely be more.
Now I'm thinking about it, damn it. Well... I'm already writing about Gaila saving Kirk. Uhura and Bones should get in on the sexy rescue action.

(But really, you ought to read 1297's McCoy/Uhura ficlets, if you haven't already. They're lovely.)
Thanks for reccing "From the Desk of Leonard McCoy", I would have missed that one! :)

(Semper Paratus has already been my Pike joy a while ago, lovely story.)
Well, I went and prompted the McCoy/Uhura piece at where_no_woman. Maybe someone will claim it? Or maybe I will even though I've never written McCoy and I rarely write Uhura and it sounds kind of crazy to try?
I'm kind of alarmed by how much of this is taking shape in my own mind right now. But then I would actually have to get it out of the outline and into words, so...

I shall think on it. There are so many good prompts over there right now!
I'm thinking on it. I have about a zillion fic deadlines right now, and there are so many intriguing prompts at WNW right now, but yeah...this one is definitely in my head.