spock: logic is sexy

An Embarrassment of Prompts

It's kind of a sickness. Here are all the prompts I left at the where_no_womanfirst anniversary fic fest. Prompting is still ongoing if you'd like to leave some.

Number One
The Cage AU: The Talosians kidnap Number One and bring her Pike and Spock to choose from.

A time when Number One spoke sharp words she later regretted.

A time when Number One was out of control, and she liked it.

The five best orgasms Number One has ever had.

Early in her career, Number One was the futuristic equivalent of a fighter pilot. Tell us about her adventures.

5 things Number One absolutely will not talk about.

Janice Lester (TOS)
After stealing Kirk's body, Janice Lester struggles with gender dysphoria and must consider whether command of a starship is worth a lifetime in the wrong body.

A time (or several times) when Amanda beat Spock or Sarek at logic.

Does Amanda fight for Spock to feel comfortable expressing his human side, or does she acquiesce to raising him as if he were fully Vulcan? Is this situation painful or embittering, or does she genuinely feel it's for the best?

When Chapel sleeps with Kirk, she thinks they're just two friends enjoying a one-night stand, and she's quite pleased with that arrangement. The morning after, she discovers that Kirk actually wanted something more. How does she deal with it?

Chapel makes a serious mistake that kills or nearly kills a patient. What circumstances led to her error? Does McCoy react supportively, critically, or both? How is she able to regain her confidence?

When an away mission goes wrong, Christine Chapel must keep a seriously injured Kirk safe and alive.

Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
A reboot version of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner treats Pike in the wake of the Narada.

Gaila comforts Kirk (with sex, friendship, or both) after he escapes unscathed from an away mission where several crew members were killed.

reboot!Janice Rand and Captain Kirk must work together to solve a mystery on the Enterprise. Bonus points for snarky Rand and/or UST.

A time when Uhura said something she regretted, and how she did (or did not) make it right.

Winona is a heroic mom who does what's necessary to protect her boys on Tarsus.

Winona must take over an away mission and lead the crew to safety when George, the team's original leader, is seriously injured.
After stealing Kirk's body, Janice Lester struggles with gender dysphoria and must consider whether command of a starship is worth a lifetime in the wrong body.

You are the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed, you know that? I REALLY hope someone hits this pitch into a home run.

I adore all your prompts. I wish I dared write Rand. I'm tempted by the Gaila one -- I think that my particular Gaila screwed a friend over to escape, or feels she did, which she hated doing and which fueled her drive for personal integrity, and she and Jim could talk, or silently understand, one another about that.

I'm still thinking about the Uhura Screws Up prompt. I don't tend to write my characters being wrong, so it would be good for me as a writer, and it would be lovely to develop her. There are both Watsonian and Doylist reasons she's written as so perfect, but no one human is perfect, and she should deal with that reality too.

But I also don't write enough adventure. And WINONA LEADS THE AWAY TEAM AND SAVES GEORGE -- !!!!!!!!!!!!

So, um, I'm thinking about yor prompts. Not promising anything, but definetely thinking, a lot.
It is probably odd that feedback on prompts pleases me as much as feedback on fic.

I too wish that I dared write Rand - all of the fancasting of her makes me desperately want to read a Rand who's just like Veronica Mars. Not that I am capable of writing that. Really, I'm not capable of writing any of these stories, which is why I left the prompts. I am so pleased you enjoyed them, and I hope you'll get to do one of them, but I understand if you don't.