This post contains lots of things, but sadly, none of them are fic

Fun things are happening at where_no_woman! First of all, there is a Rules of Acquisition Drabble Fest which started on Monday, and I was bad and forgot to promote it. However, there are ten lovely stories, mostly about TNG and DS9 characters, and you should certainly go read and write about them!

Also, prompting has commenced for our first anniversary ficathon. You may leave prompts in the comments of this post for any ST canon. Claiming will start in another week or so. Remember, your prompts do not have to be gen; you can prompt for het, femslash, or even porn, so long as it is female-centered.

I think I am doing well on my resolution to chill out about the production of fanfic. Right now, I have three stories started for the alphabet meme I posted last Friday, all of which are just a few paragraphs away from completion, but I can't finish them tonight. My brain is just too tired to string words together in an artful way, and my thinkiness all went into a post in my RL journal about what teachers can do about bullying how overwhelmed I feel in the face of a problem as large as bullying. Anyway, I'm trying to remind myself that progress is good: the B for Bread Pudding story for boosette is large and relatively complex, so it's okay that it's taking me a couple weeks with it. I like what I have written for A is for Adventure, and I also like the chunk of the lgbtfest story I wrote last night. All writing is good writing, even if it's not a completed story that you guys can read.

Now I am off to contemplate prompts to leave for the ficathon!

ETA: I left five prompts thus far.

1. The Cage AU: The Talosians kidnap Number One and bring her Pike and Spock to choose from.
2. 5 of Beverly Crusher's most difficult moments as a mother.
3. Winona is a heroic mom who does what's necessary to protect her boys on Tarsus.
4. A time when Uhura said something she regretted, and how she did (or did not) make it right.
5. Gaila comforts Kirk (with sex, friendship, or both) after he escapes unscathed from an away mission where several crew members were killed.

I hope the Uhura prompt does not turn out to be problematic in a way that I have not foreseen. I know that prompts regarding Uhura doing something bad can come off as hateful (because, well, a lot of them are), but I honestly don't mean it that way. I don't want to "take her down a peg" or anything; I am just intrigued by the circumstances in which someone with so much command of language could make a mistake with her words. And honestly, I wrote it because in my head, Uhura is so perfect. I have never, ever been able to envision a scenario in which she made a mistake, but I know it has to happen because she's still human. I kind of want to leave a similar prompt for Number One for the same reasons - I know she has to have made a mistake now and again, but for the life of me, I cannot envision it.

Ah well, time for bed! I'm going to try to come up with good prompts for the rest of the reboot ladies tomorrow.
Whee! I have to think of some prompts. (And your Uhura prompt is so completely different in ethos from all of those odious 'punish Uhura for being uppity' prompts on the Kink Meme and elsewhere -- it's about her as a person, sympathetic to her, not an external opprobium laid on her. It's -- scrambled eggs and French omelets have similar ingredients, but different ethos and techniques. Does that metaphorical comparison make sense? Except that both scrambled eggs and omelets taste good, whereas your prompt does and those awful ones do not. Or... you know what I mean. I hope.)

*drifts off to sleep, considering mistakes Uhura could've made*