Ficlet: Her Lips Like Cherries (Amanda/Sarek)

Title: Her Lips Like Cherries
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Amanda/Sarek
Notes: For "unforeseen" at the alphabet meme. You can still leave requests there if you like.

Amanda bites into a cherry, heedless of the juice spilling across her chin, and spits the pit over the balcony railing. Fireworks explode overhead, but Sarek watches her instead.

She pops another cherry into her mouth, savoring the feeling of its supple skin sliding over her lips. She bites down hard and juice squirts across her tongue. She looks out over the river, feels the humid air drift across her skin. Feels him watching her.

Suddenly he is beside her.

"Your chin is covered with cherry juice."

She looks up, expecting to find a napkin in his outstretched hand. Instead, he traces his thumb down the trail of juice on her skin. Their eyes meet in the dark.

It occurs to her that she is about to take a Vulcan lover.

She bends down and sucks the juice from his thumb.