bones: attitude

The alphabet meme

Stolen from boosette

1. Pick a letter, then pick a word that starts with that letter
2. Supply a character or pairing to accompany that word (I do het and gen)
3. You can duplicate a character or pairing that someone has already suggested, but you cannot duplicate a letter
4. Don't be boring! To quote boosette, if you need an X word, get a dictionary, not a Xylophone!
5. Food related prompts are highly desirable (though certainly not required).

I will update with a list of claimed letters when I get back from working out/grocery shopping. Until then, check the comments :)

A is for Adventure, Gaila or Gaila/Sulu Safety in Numbers
B is for Bread Pudding, Winona (and Jim & Sam)
C is for Censure, Amanda/Sarek (and Spock)
D is for Disingenuous, McCoy & Jocelyn
F is for Family, Kirk & Gaila
I is for Ink, Amanda/Sarek
L is for Lovers, the finding of; Uhura and Gaila
M is for Meringue, Joanna McCoy
P is for Pie, Pike/Number One
Q is for Quixotic, Amanda/Sarek
S is for Sanguine, Kirk & Rand
T is for Tessellation, Number One
U is for Unforeseen, Amanda/Sarek Lips Like Cherries
X is for Xiǎolóngbāo, Kirk and/or Sulu
Disingenuous; Jocelyn & McCoy (on both their parts.)

Xiǎolóngbāo; Kirk &/or Sulu

Tessellation; Number One

Bread Pudding; Winona Kirk (& Jim & Sam)
gah, trying again
Meringue; Joanna McCoy

Quixotic; Amanda/Serek

Sanguine; Kirk & Rand
I is for ink. Sarek/Amanda

I was thinking tattoo ink, but it's your story. And I am very boringly devoted to my OTP.
I thought of tattoo ink first too, but I guess I will have to see where the inspiration takes me. I wonder if Sarek has one...

I am pretty devoted to Amanda/Sarek too!
Ooh! Ooh! I just remembered this ... From the getting to know you meme at the Sarek and Amanda archives - IF YOU COULD HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT & WHERE WOULD IT BE? 4 possible answers...
A - What do you mean if I *could* have one?
S - My clan emblem.
A - Oh, Sarek would be so pissed....somewhere only he would see...
S - A barbaric custom that I have no wish to emulate.
A - I don't think I'm going to tell...
S - This is classified information.
S - I cannot see the logic in mutilating your body. I have no wish to get a tattoo