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A home for my genfic?

Does anyone know of ST comms for posting genfic? Is it active? When I write a het story, I notice that I have all kinds of places to put it -- there's st_reboot, trek_het, a pairing specific comm or two, and sometimes where_no_woman. If I write genfic, it goes to st_reboot. A lot of the female characters have their own comms, but if it's about a guy, I'm clueless where else to post it.

I especially want a couple more places to post Just Like a Waving Flag, the Sulu back story I just finished. I feel weird about posting it to teamgaila or trek_het because the Gaila/Sulu relationship isn't the central focus, and I'm debating whether it's acceptable to post to where_no_woman (which is sort of annoying since I'm a mod, so I feel like I know the answer to that question automatically).

Anyway, it's making me sad not to know where else to post my story. Admitting that I'm proud of a story makes me feel kind of arrogant, but I am proud -- not necessarily because I think it's the best story ever written, but because I've been working on it off and on since Thanksigiving, and it finally says what I want it to say. And since I know lots of people don't keep st_reboot on their watch lists anymore, I want to have more comms available.
startrek2009 is fairly active and has an assortment of fic.

Also, I need to figure out how to rec your story. I can't convey what I need to by "it made me cry twice and I couldn't get it out of my mind all day, and that's a compliment." You have every right to be proud of it; it is awesome, and I know that "worked for a long time and finally got it to work" feeling.

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Thank you for the suggestion, adn thank you in advance for whatever sort of rec you end up writing :)

I'll get to the cross posting on Monday.
For Reboot gen, reboot_genfic. :-) It does have a smaller watchlist than st_reboot, though.

I don't know of any applicable character-specific comms. Seems they're more common to promote women in Trek, possibly as an effort to rally against the lack of women in the source material? IDK.
Thank you! I figured *everything* will have a smaller watch list than st_reboot, but it's good to have some back-up options.

And yeah, I think there's been a lot of attention on getting more fic about women (as there should be), but I do need more places for men fic too!
I was just reading the comments and saw this. I still having 3 unused invite codes lying around here so if you want to create a free DW account, pm me with the email address you wish to use and I'll send you one. :-)
Oops! Original comment from my personal LJ deleted. But thank you - I went through the registration process, and now I'll just need to set it up.
You're very welcome. :) And it's just as well -- I'm actually kind of trying to keep my dreamwidth separate from my LJs.