Chromatic drabble challenge

Dark Agenda is hosting a challenge to write more stories featuring characters of color in anticipation of Remix. The goal is two fold: (1) we all write more about characters of color (2) our remixers will have material about characters of color to choose from, which will hopefully increase diversity in fic produced for the challenge. This post has a masterlist of characters of color in all the qualifying remix fandoms. At present, only Sulu and Uhura are listed for ST Reboot, but I just asked if Spock and Gaila could be included since Klingon and Vulcan characters were listed for the other ST series (although that could be because many of those characters are played by actors of color?). At any rate, there should be prompts coming soon. I am going to use this as inspiration to finish that Sulu back story I've been working on for ages, and hopefully write some more Sulu gen ficlets if I have time.
*cheers you on in writing Sulu*
*cheers this effort on entirely*

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