Intergalactic Women's Day Recs

From Intergalactic Women's Day Ficathon, which is sadly all over now. There are twenty stories total, and all of them are fabulous, but these are a few that really stuck with me. Some of them don't have much feedback, so it would be great if you could leave them some!

False Friends by rubynye (PG-15)
Gaila and Jim friendship fic is one of my absolute favorite things, and this piece really delivers. Gaila's afraid she's a homewrecker, so she asks Jim for advice. Gaila's dilemma is interesting, and Jim is perceptive, open, and thoughtful.

Omnium fidelium defunctorum by snowyofthenight
In the aftermath of the Narada, Uhura wants to help any way she can - even if that learning an extinct Earth language for someone she doesn't even know.

You Carved A Bolt Of Lightning Out Of What? by possibly_thrice
Uhura putting on eye make-up in the morning. This is such a brief, simple fic, but I loved how much it reminded me of being Uhura's age, and I was fascinated by how it made her seem so young and vulnerable.

How to Write Letters Home to Your Sister (Notes) by danahid (rated PG-13, but check warnings in the post)
Normally, I can't stand second person fic, but this beautiful exploration of how Starfleet changes Uhura's relationships with her younger sisters totally makes it work. I envied how deftly the author brought Uhura's interior world to life.

Priorities by abigail89
A fascinating look at the transporter officer Chekov pushes out of the way to beam Kirk and Sulu aboard. I loved how this fic demonstrates that allowing Chekov to get the job done makes her more competent, not less.
I have fallen behind in my reading over there, so thank you for pointing me to the good ones. These are all gorgeous.
*blushes* Thank you for including mine among this list of excellent stories.
Thank you for including my story in this list. I'm incredibly honoured.