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Remix sign-ups are open! You should probably read the FAQ before you visit the sign-up form on AO3. (If you don't have an AO3 account, the Remix organizers have set up a way for you to get one - it's in the FAQ somewhere.)

Remix is absolutely the best challenge I have ever been involved with. As a somewhat picky writer (i.e., someone who does not write slash and has weird issues with lots of het pairings), I was terrified of what I might have to write. But even though I was paired with a remixee whose writing interests diverged strongly from mine, I ended up writing one of my favorite stories ever, Matched Set (The Clothes Make the Man Remix). I know I would never have explored Chekov or cross-dressing if not for remix, and the story ended up saying something that was pretty important to me.

Of course, I should probably explain what remix is. Basically, you rewrite someone else's story. You can't write a sequel or make significant changes to the plot, but you can change the POV, alter the tone, expand on a drabble, etc. etc. I found the experience weirdly stress free because it's not a gift exchange; your remixee already wrote the story the way she wanted to, and now it's yours to play with.

Important stuff to know:
*There is a list of qualifying fandoms, which is pretty extensive and includes all variations of Star Trek
*You need at least 5 stories of 500+ words in a qualifying fandom, or at least 7 stories of 100-499 words.
*Your fic needs to be archived some place that is publicly accessible. The fic tag of your LJ is totally fine.
*Sign-ups will continue till March 31, assignments go out on the 8th of April, and stories are due on the 8th of May.
Oh, dammit. I am all kinds of tempted, but the stories are due right when work will be busiest for me...
That sounds like so much fun but unfortunately I only read fic in most fandoms, and I haven't written enough in trek to qualify. Maybe next year.
Aw, this sounds awesome! I've not written enough yet to qualify, but I may sign up as a pinch hitter just in case. I'm excited for some great stories, though!