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Ficlet: A First Time for Everything (McCoy - gen)

Title: A First Time for Everything
Author/Artist: igrockspock
Characters(s): McCoy
Rating: PG
Notes/Warnings: written for yahtzee63's Where No Drabble Has Gone Before challenge.

The first time, he is 6 years old. Wide-eyed, he regards the glass on the counter, its finger of alluring amber liquid just at eye level. He turns very, very slowly, convinced that if he is perfectly quiet and still, no one will notice him -- or, more importantly, what he is about to do. He is right: Mama is still chopping vegetables, her knife making little thwack, thwack, thwack sounds against the counter, and Daddy is still hunched over the comm panel, eyes narrowed with concentration. They do not interrupt their conversation. Assured of success now, he turns quickly, snatches the glass from the counter, and downs the contents in one long gulp. And then he is dying: his throat, his lungs, his chest burn, tears stream down his face, and the force of his coughing brings him to his knees. Even before Mama's spanking, he is certain of one thing: he will never, ever drink this again.

The second time, he is 14. It is the 2-month anniversary of his baby sister's death. His father hasn't been around much since then, and he wants to do something, however small, to hurt him. To take something that's precious to him. So when he comes home from school all full of rage over the fist fight he lost at the shuttle stop, he marches straight to his father's liquor cabinet and short circuits the access panel without even bothering to see if anyone's home. He already knows the house is empty; he can feel it in his bones. He tilts the bottle to his lips, and the slow burn down his throat tastes like coming home.
Ahhhh I fully admit I've just been going through all your fics today and your characterizations are so amazing