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On balance

I am trying to learn to put less pressure on myself to write. When I first started this summer, I treated it like it was a job because that was what I needed to do to make sure stories happened. But now, I have to accept that fandom needs to be a part of my life, not the totality of all my free time activities. I know that because I kept finding myself taking small fannish things personally, and feeling like evenings had been wasted if I didn't write, and not being happy with what I did get the picture. The bottom line is, I need to have more than one creative outlet available to me. If I am depending exclusively on one thing for validation and creativity, it will be unhealthy because I will put too much pressure on it and I will get inordinately frustrated every time the words aren't there.

Which is all a really long-winded way to say that I started a pottery class last week, and I spent a few hours at B&N browsing books for craft projects. Tonight, I just spent an hour cutting paint chips into small strips that will one day soon become a multi-colored collage. I have also been to the gym and gone to a friend's for dinner. Later this week, I have a little photo trip lined up. It is a lot, but it makes me feel better -- like a real, live, multi-faceted person, which is what I want to be. And now I am going to go play with my Number One story because coming back to writing after a few days off makes me feel like I have something new to discover rather than like I am trapped in a fake universe that has somehow eaten a large portion of my real life.

So...maybe less fic in the next few weeks, but hopefully better fic, and certainly stories I had more fun writing.
Oh, I don't think I'll shut down this journal by any means. I love writing too much (or at least, I love it when I am not trying to make it my whole entire life). And I posted a story about an hour after this entry...and wrote a couple drabbles for where_no_woman. So maybe I'm not good at the whole moderation thing?

I am glad you have enjoyed what you see here!
Sounds very healthy to me! I think a lot of us fandom addicts could take a page out of your book. :-)
Frankly, right now I feel like doing more pottery myself...

*whines*sigh* :)

Good luck with the destressing!

/mopes off to do some sports