pike fine

The packing tape was his idea...

I finally made up my mind about het_idcrack. I decided against the anal sex prompt, though I might come back to it later. Exploring it could be interesting, but not under deadline pressure. Instead, I decided to return to my favorite couple - Pike/Number One. With a little bondage.

NSFW image prompt

I'm kind of sad more people haven't claimed prompts over there. I thought a fabulous explosion of stories would ensue, especially after people got so excited about prompting.

My evil plan (read: baiting writers I love with pretty pictures) was a success!
Hee! I guess we traded nefarious plans. I am looking forward to the poker and the drinking contest!
That is a pretty picture indeed! I hope more people claim prompts- there are so many great ones over there.

Oh, and hi! I'm Alix. *waves*
The time I planned to spend looking through the prompts last night turned into time spent cooking dinner and doing dishes instead. *makes note to try again tonight*
Well, cooking dinner and not having smelly dishes in the sink are important. I managed neither of those this week!
I really wish the prompts were sorted by character--I need to make a masterlist, to see what I might be able to write, 'Ship Wars and freelance work commitments permitting...
Yeah, I wish they had done that too. When I did a page of prompts, I alphabetized them by pairing, but that was probably hard to keep going with the number of people working on indexing. Luckily, I think boosette made us a Pike/Number One masterlist...
That was me, over at pike_numberone. Still trying to sort out if I have time to write, between not-yet-started Gen Fest story, and 'Ship Wars commitments.
Ahh I thought about doing this one but my writing time is really stretched right now so I decided to wait and see. Which means I'll luck out and get to read it without work \o/

I love many of the prompts (especially the Pike ones, of course).
There are so many awesome prompts - I'm just surprised no one has posted any stories yet. I'm well into my own prompt and can't wait to see others.
I suppose it depends on how much writing people have ahead of them. I haven't started my own story yet since I have two other fic challenges due this week. But I will definitely look forward to seeing what others write!
Maybe that's the thing - I don't really DO challenges and I'm not super active in the fic community. I saw the het-idcrack thing on trek-news and thought it sounded superb enough to break with my usual policy. I don't think I have an accurate idea of how many challenges run at the same time and how many people are active in multiple ones. :D