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Claims post up

Prompt claiming is open at het_idcrack. There are about 700 prompts to choose from, about 100 of which are Star Trek Reboot. Prompts 1-56 are here and 57-113 are here. Happy sex-positive female-dominant claiming!

I haven't claimed anything yet. I am kind of, um, intrigued by this one anal sex prompt, but I'm scared to take it. And I need to finish this plotless Number One genfic I started last week, and also make sure that my Intergalactic Women's ficathon fics get done for where_no_woman. Since I left so many prompts, I think it would be tacky not to fill one, but I might wait a few days before I make a decision...
*dances around* Yay Het Idcrack! I am going to abuse my work resources tomorrow (it being spring break) and read through all the prompts.