number one: better than you


het_idcrack looks like so much fun! According to the community info:

This is a community to encourage the propagation of so many of the crazy things that fannish id loves (hookerfic, slavery, all around h/c where a beautiful boy is very very sad)-- but to do it with the het fic. Ever wanted to write a story where the man is hurt and the woman does the comforting? Or read that story? You know, where the wounded hero is rescued and succored by the heroine without the weird Byronic undertones?

Well, this is the place for you, m'dear. Bring us your hooker!Jim Kirk and client!Uhura, or the one where Jess Moore rescues Sam Winchester from the clutches of Azazel. Have Scully save the day when the serial killer has Mulder in the basement.

As you can see, this is a multi-fandom challenge, though of course I am hoping for as much ST as possible. You can make claims in het_idfic until March 7. Claiming starts March 8, and posting starts May 30.