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Beta requests and a poll

Would anyone be up for beta reading one or both of these stories?

Option A, tentatively entitled Until Someone Tears It Off, is an Amanda/Sarek piece for that WNW prompt I whined about no one filling. It's about Amanda angsting over buying a cheap, sexy dress because she knows Sarek may not understand, and she is *tired* of explaining strange human impulses. It will be between 1500-2000 words, and I don't think it needs major overhauls. I just need to know if it makes sense. I'd like to get it back soonish since I want to post it to the latest drabble fest before everyone forgets it exists.

Option B, tentatively entitled Just Like a Waving Flag, is the the mostly-gen Sulu backstory I've been working on since November. It features brief Gaila/Sulu at the beginning and end (which you may end up telling me to get rid of), and it's about Sulu growing up on a smuggling ship with a father who has enough of a conscience to try to help an Orion slave girl get to safety. It's around 5,000 words and needs help with the ending, which is way minimal, but I don't know what to expand. This piece is not time sensitive.

Also, a poll! I have been wondering for a long time what to do about titles I get from song lyrics that might not be clear to others, and also whether it's weird to revise my stories long after posting them. Please excuse the typos in the poll - it's supposed to say "story" in a couple places instead of "stor."

If you the title of a piece only makes sense the author, should she explain it in the notes?


Do you ever revise a story after you post it?

Yes, but only for typos
Yes, but they're fairly minor changes
Yes, because I realized later that it was offensive to someone
Yes, because I realized later that I was not proud of the writing
No, what's done is done, and it's time to move on

Assuming that a stor is not offensive, is it *weird* to overhaul it months after posting it?

Yes, a bit
No, it's your story - do what you want

If you made serious revisions to a piece you posted several months ago, what would you do with it?

Re-post it as a separate entry, but leave the original
Re-post it as a new entry and delete the original
Just edit the original entry, and perhaps post a link to it separately
One of the things I love about publishing on the Internet is the fluid nature of the medium. I can always go back and revise, which is great because re-read my own work a lot and sometimes come up with wording I hadn't considered before, but that somehow works better.

I once rewrote an entire sex scene more than four months after posting the fic. *facepalm* So far, only one person has remarked on it, but since it's not integral to the story, and it's the only thing I've changed, I didn't make a big deal out of it.

I've revised a couple of stories completely, in order to comply with new personal canon, and reposted them as sort-of new stories, with a brief note explaining why I made the change.

I don't know. I don't think there are any customs regarding revision, at least on livejournal. If something bothers you, and changing it will give you peace of mind, for whatever reason, I'd do it.

Regarding titles, I hardly ever explain mine, and I don't know why so many people do.
I always reread my stories half a dozen times within a couple of days of posting, compulsively checking for errors, and I always find them; I just go right ahead and correct those without telling anyone.

I have also-- exactly twice-- made really serious revisions to a story. The original posts are still up, but I reposted it, then changed all links in my indexes to the new version. Don't know if that's the best way to deal with it, but it made sense to me.
Also, if you still need a beta for one/both of those, let me know. I'd be happy to help.
I always say in Author's notes at the beginning or end (I'm inconsistent) where my title comes from; if it's from an Emily Dickinson poem, for an example, I'll put the entire poem or at least the relevant verse in, too. But I don't think there are any rules about this. Do what you like. Your fans will be happy.

If something I had written was later found by someone to be racist or sexist or in some other way offensive, I would take a close look at it, and then what I would do about that would depend on what the offense was, whether or not I thought the criticism was a valid one, and how much it would affect the plot, etc.

I wouldn't hesitate to edit for typos or other minor changes. That's one of the things I love about Live Journal--and Archive of Our Own, for that matter--I can edit and tinker endlessly.

I am always happy to beta, and would be pleased to help you out. As for betas, the more the merrier, I say. I usually have a couple of different people look at something before I post it. The great big piece I've been working on forever will have at least three betas.
I'll be happy to beta for the Sarek/Amanda story.

I like seeing stories develop- and when I write mine, they go into a 'mellowing file' for a few weeks (or months) to allow them to leave my immediate mind. Then, when I take them out again, they're fresh and ready for second edit.

I have not published any of my stories online- mostly because they're still 'in progress'.
D'oh! I was bad and completely forgot that I had solicited betas. I really apologize for failing to respond to your generous offer - life just got away from me!
I'd be willing to beta for either of the stories, as long as there's no smut :3

I think the usual method after revision (as long as it doesn't affect plot) is to just put a little note on the fic, but not draw attention to it? Based on what I've seen..
D'oh! I am so embarrassed, but I completely forgot that I solicited betas, like, a month ago. I really apologize for failing to thank you for your offer or, you know, email you a story to read - life just got away from me!