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Intergalactic Women's Day Fest

Prompts are available for claiming at this post in where_no_woman. There are prompts for literally every woman whose face we saw in the film or the deleted scenes, and you can also claim posting dates between March 8 and March 20. The minimum length for responses is 300 words, and you may post art as well. If you have already made one claim, you can come back for a second one tomorrow afternoon, after the post has been up for 24 hours.

I nabbed fauxhawk nurse: musings on uniforms, what she likes and dislikes about hers or other officers. I think it will be fun, but I have my eye on a second prompt already.
I am so glad you took that one because I was really tempted and now I get to read it. ;)
I'm very excited by this. I just signed up for the other prompt for that character. As an RN, I have been perturbed by the portrayals of nursing and medicine in television series, the movies, novels, and nearly all fan fiction. Don't even get me started on Nurse Chapel and Dr. McCoy in TOS. So, I thought I'd give it a try, see if I could come up with something better.
Uniforms have a long and complicated history in nursing. I will be interested to see what you decide on for your prompt as well. Are you writing this character as Chapel?
I am thinking of it, though I confess I had not thought to do research on the uniform subject. I have a long time though, so perhaps I will look into it.
I'd research the subject before I wrote it, but then I probably over-think my stories at times. But for the uniform issues--it is hard to imagine an RN even in the twenty-third century not being influenced to some extent by the historical images, the symbolism, both positive and negative for the profession.