number one: fights like a girl

Two fic fests and a pic spam

Intergalactic Women's Day Ficathon at where_no_woman - Curious about all the unnamed ladies in the background of Reboot movie? Want to write a fabulous fic about Gaila or Uhura? This is your place. Drop by and leave prompts in the next couple days, then come back to claim one. Responses will be posted between March 8 and March 22. The minimum length for fic is 300 words, and art is accepted too.

Number One Genfic Fest at pike_numberone - Ongoing until February 14 to celebrate the awesomeness that is Number One. For inspiration, you may wish to visit the Number One Picspam of Awesomeness for pictures of both vintage!Majel and an amusing summary of The Cage, complete with extensive screencaps.
You should!

And also, I love that icon! I just snagged a whole bunch of Ann Taintor ones from someone today, but there were no Number One's.