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4 Star Trek Recs

Inclement Weather by froda_baggins - Amanda/Sarek, G
Amanda's pregnancy is dangerous and complicated, but she's going to Earth to see her mom anyway. Sarek gets this, but the rest of Vulcan doesn't. Amanda's mom understands the trip but not Sarek.

Lot's Wife by fialleril - Amanda, PG
A beautiful, spare fic focusing on Amanda's last moments on Vulcan, inspired by one of my very favorite poems, "Lot's Wife" by Anna Akhmatova

Various drabbles on the subject of New Year's resolutions by froda_baggins - Most of the crew is represented here, but Uhura and Spock are most prominent

These are funny, beautiful, and pack an impressive amount of characterization into such short pieces. Topics include resolving to make Spock smile and resolving to not bring so many men back to the dorm.

The More Adventurous Wanderer by boosette - Gaila, Kirk
A not-quite-drunk Jim finds a quite intoxicated Gaila, brings her home, and does not have sex with her. Amazing characterization. In the interest of full disclosure, I did beta read this, but I'd be recommending it even if I hadn't.
So I've been pretty much trying to think of something to say about your original beta-feedback since you emailed it, and I'm coming up mostly with, *omg* and *turns red*.

But I'll try, because I want to thank you so much to start with. Also, you weren't the only person on Team Beta to pick up on "the party sequence is too long" (though I couldn't bring myself to part with Gold Guy and Maroon Chick, because of Coolness Factor), and it took hearing it multiple times to trim the fat, as it were. (And also for pointing out the parts where Jim's internal monologue got -- if not too convoluted for genius him, then probably too convoluted for us.

Eh? Beta feedback makes you blush? Anyway, I hope it was useful for you and not, like, overly negative or combative or anything. I tend to lean toward "constructive" feedback because I'm so used to editing stuff for my students, but I hope that what an awesome story I thought it was came through.
Oh lord, it absolutely did -- Mostly I'm blushing because of the rec & ... yeah. ♥ I'm actually a little surprised that it came out so close in word count to the original draft, while still feeling ... lighter, on the front end.

(I'm also vaguely surprised that it's almost exactly as long as Alis Volat, where both of them tackle themes on the feminism spectrum.)

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