Fests that I wish to bring to your attention

florahart has written thirty lovely prompts for our monthly drabble fest at where_no_woman. I really think you should all go write things for me, or I mean, check out the prompts, read the responses, or pimp this around.

Also, halfamoon has commenced their fourteen-day women's fic fest. You can view the index of prompts as a google doc, and it's easy to organize them by fandom. Um, apparently I left an embarrassing quantity of ST prompts?
Hello there baiting me with wonderful Number One prompts.

(lock & load makes me want to write one of the blockade-runner stories like burning)
You keep writing 'embarassing' when you mean 'awesome'.

Also, you were recced at halfamoon. If you ever feel like it, you could change your username to igrockgaila!

Edited at 2010-02-02 02:38 pm (UTC)
... you mean ... your username is "I grock Spock" and not "ig. rock Spock"? (as in, a Spock made out of igneous rock?

my universe, it is shattered.

Igneous rock Spock? That is, erm, creative. I named myself after the campaign to save TOS in the sixties, which featured bumper stickers that said "I grok Spock." Sadly, "grok" with only a K was taken, so I had to misspell it.