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Hell yeah these ladies are awesome - answer post

I'd tell you to comment if there's someone else you want to hear about, but I think we've covered all the ST ladies here, and I am mono-fannish so...

Number One for boosette

Okay, this is one fact, but it's kind of ridiculous and elaborate, so I'm going to say it counts for all three. In my head, the Cardassians were already looking to expand their empire during the TOS/Reboot era, and they launched an invasion of Bajor. Naturally, they knew the Federation would try to supply the Bajorans with food and weapons, so they made a blockade. Starfleet responded with a fleet of small, speedy, one-man crafts not unlike X-wing fighters, and Number One, being a bad-ass pilot, totally got pulled off the Yorktown to be a blockade runner. She had all kinds of fabulous adventures, like crash landing in the wilderness and having to live off the land while evading capture by Cardassians who were searching for her. I'm reserving the crash landing thing for my own fic-writing pleasure some day, but if any of you want to write me a story about bad-ass blockade running Number One, by all means feel free.

Gaila for rubynye

I'm fresh out of new head canon for her, but I'll tell you why I love her. I love Gaila because she always comes back to me. Sometimes I get tired of writing her, and I can go weeks without a new idea for her. Every time that happens, I think "this is really it. She's gone forever, and I have to find a new thing." Then, completely out of the blue, something will hit me. Right now, for the first time, I'm writing about Gaila from someone else's POV, and it's completely fascinating. It makes me feel even more attached to her than I do other characters I write regularly because the way she appears and disappears makes her feel like a real person who dips in and out of my life.

Chapel for illariy

I love Chapel because she's my vulnerable lady. I write Number One as very confident, and Gaila as someone who's very comfortable with herself. Most of the women I write have a very strong sense of who they are, and most of them could be action heroes given the opportunity. Chapel's a bit different. Like a lot of women, she lost herself in a relationship when she was young, and as a consequence, she's still trying to find herself. She joined Starfleet, but it wasn't a long-held dream; it was more of an impulsive decision that she doesn't totally understand. And in a lot of ways, she sees herself as the odd woman out -- she doesn't feel like she could kick anyone's ass, and I imagine that she's a little older than most people at the academy. Maybe she's 27 or 28, but there's a big difference between early twenties and late twenties. Where a lot of people come there as a life-long dream, or after a lot of adventures, she came after a very domestic life. Of course, she's going to succeed, and even shine, but it's going to take her time to see the promise in herself that others see in her.

Uhura for thornyrose42

I admire Uhura. She is such a well-drawn female character: talented, kind, empathetic, mature, successful in both her career and her personal life. Like everything else I've written about Uhura, this is very short, but I think she speaks for herself.

Madeline for solemnly_swear1

1. Totally named herself after the children's book character. When she was little, she had a human nanny who read her that story over and over again.
2. Is really kind and fun-loving, so it's hard for her that human children are scared of her eyes.
3. Spends her breaks riding through the deserts of Mali with Tuareg nomads because the climate feels more like home. She's thinking of becoming a specialist in seismic and volcanic activity since she can stand much higher temperatures than members of most other species.

Joanna McCoy for mllesays

1. Has cornsilk blond hair. I know the fanon for her is brunette like her dad, but this is how I've pictured her since I was a 10-year-old using her to Mary Sue myself into TOS.
2. Nails Captain Kirk when she's 18. She has to be a bit manipulative to get it done, but she doesn't feel too guilty since she knows she showed him a good time.
3. Got tired of not seeing her dad, bought a fake ID, and traveled across several quadrants to find the Enterprise when she was fifteen.

Winona for izzyfics

I don't love Winona yet, but I am intrigued by her. I'm so tired of the fics that talk about why she left her family, if she was a bad mom, etc. etc. I am also not terribly interested in how she met George. I do want to know who she was when she was young and on her own in Starfleet. I like to think she was a little homesick and overwhelmed at first, but it got better. She never had much interest in command, at least not more than running her own department or lab, but she could do it when she needed to. Her captains always admired her for her clear thinking, so she was the science officer on away missions a lot. I think she might have saved the captain's life once or twice, and I have my eye on a prompt about that at halfamoon.

Amanda for danahid

1. I've never been fond of the fanon that Amanda was a linguist, although it makes a lot of sense to me. Lately, I've been toying with her as a poet or a writer, although that hasn't shown up in any of my fics yet. It's easier to write about her as a member of the diplomatic corps.
2. Even though I often believe she was in the diplomatic corps, I think she was ill-suited to the job. To marry Sarek, she obviously had to display sensitivity to other cultures, and she has excellent communication skills. But I think she's also a bit wild and impulsive, and she didn't care for the constraints of diplomacy, which from her perspective, often involved being fake.
3. Thinks of cooking as foreplay, and likes getting her hands dirty even when there are perfectly logical ways to avoid it.
1. Totally named herself after the children's book character. When she was little, she had a human nanny who read her that story over and over again.

I read those books! I loved them when I was little.

(Incidentally, a TOS script that was never produced has Kirk sleeping with Joanna, but when she's extremely fragile, having been kidnapped by aliens, and also a little bit older. It was all very icky.)
I remember reading about that script. I was rather sorry it didn't get filmed since it would have added a lot to McCoy's character, though it would have been nicer without the ickiness, I agree.
I didn't know that canon Joanna was brunette. I always just pictured her blonde (and I don't have a Mary Sue excuse, since I have brown hair.) She just... seems like a blonde to me.
Well, I don't think there's a canon Joanna at all, so who knows what color her hair is? It just seems like all of the art and fic I've seen depicts her that way. Glad to know I'm not the only one who pictures her as a blond!
Ooh, I really like what you had to say about Chapel and Joanna especially. I am totally with you on your head canon for Joanna (I have pictured her as blonde up until now... I don't really know the reason though, haha). I like how you explain Chapel because I haven't seen much of her yet (I have only watched a few episodes of TOS and am new to the fandom) but what I have seen has only really annoyed me if it produced an emotional response at all. I definitely like your version and it makes me like her more. :)
Love your take on Chapel. The Madeline backstory is equally fascinating. As a reader, I am curious about that Winona fic you outlined. Fandom by and large focuses on her as George's wife and the Rabenmutter* thing.

* Rabenmutter = German for uncaring mother, bad mother who puts her own interests or job before her children. Infuriatingly, that's still a common reproach if a mother wants to work with small children, especially if the family does not need the money.
I can't concentrate ATM because my house is full of holleration, but I love these. If/When I write Chapel, I will refer/defer to you, and o, BLOCKADE RUNNING NUMBER ONE YES YES YES.
Thank you for this. I was especially fascinated by your comments about Number One and Madeline. Blockade running and wandering with nomads -- YES.

Re: Winona: I love Winona unreservedly, and I'm as tired of those fics as you are. (I actually wrote one that that was pretty different -- Win and Jim -- if you're interested.) I'm intrigued by what you'd like to know more about Winona, and think that I'd like to write more about her now. :-)

Also, I was wondering about Amanda?
I have read the first part of your lovely Win and Jim story, but not the other three. I will have to remedy that!

Amanda has been edited into this post here. I knew I was forgetting someone!

Maybe you should write some Winona stuff for halfamoon!
You and where_no_woman did a lot to inspire my Win and Jim story, so I'm glad you're liking it so far. Thank you so much for your kind words!

And thank you for adding Amanda to your list for me! :-) Cooking as foreplay and the diplomatic corps and not the usual linguist -- I like these ideas very much.

And writing more Winona stuff for halfamoon is a lovely idea. I'd like to try!
I really have grown to love Winona, (most because of waldorph, she is trixsty like that), and I also see her as clear thinking. However, I tend to see her as a daredevil like Jim and in charge.

Now I need to write her. Dammit.

P.S. Absolutely love your Amanda, especially the food part.