I wonder if fandom will ever be as fun as it has been this first year, when I've gotten to participate in all these challenges I've always watched from the sidelines before. Today, I collaborated with iTunes and left a lot of lady-centric prompts for halfamoon. I feel a bit silly since everyone else's prompts are, like, one word and I left whole lines of songs and poems, but ah well. Halfamoon is a bit like a giant, multi-fandom where_no_woman drabble fest that runs from February 1 - 14. If you'd like more info, you can read the intro post, and you can leave prompts of your own here in this post. There are not many ST prompts at the moment, so you should all go make some!
Janelle Monae prompts for Gaila and Number One? I like it, I like it very much! Those fit so well for Gaila, especially.
I wondered if anyone would recognize the sources. I'm rather hoping someone picks up the one about chainsaws and electrodaggers. I picture Gaila in some sort of Mad Max scenario...