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Genderbend Fic Recs

To be honest, most genderbend fic doesn't really work for me. I like canon, so I tend to drift toward fics that portray characters the way they are. That said, I like Jamie Kirk's mix of hard edges and vulnerability, and I find GirlSpock/Pike a mysteriously evocative pairing. These are my four favorite of the genre, minus one of my very favorites that lives under an LJ friend's flock.

The Walking Wounded by medie (girlSpock/Pike, PG-13) - My favorite angsty Pike, doubting himself after an away mission gone wrong nearly gets Spock killed. This piece has stuck with me for three months after I read it, largely because of a beautiful scene of Pike showering with a still-weak Spock just after her return from sickbay.

Bad Wisdom by azephirin (girlSpock/Pike, PG-13, references to past physical and sexual abuse of children) - Spock seeks revenge on someone who hurt a friend. Pike watches and tries to understand. Beautiful, nuanced, and complex.

Chase to the Cut by azephirin (girlKirk/McCoy, R, references to past sexual abuse) - the slow evolution of a romance between Jamie Kirk and McCoy, who are both beautiful and vulnerable in this piece. I think this is the first piece of genderswap I ever read, and I have remembered it since August.

A Taste of Cherry Chapstick by tristesses (Chekova/Sulu (one-sided), Chekova/Gaila, Chekova/McCoy, Chekova+Uhura friendship, Chekova+Spock friendship, NC-17, daddy kink) - These are all beautiful takes on Polina Chekova and her lush, beautiful lips, but the standout is the McCoy/Chekova piece. This is some of the hottest sex I've ever read, and I've been back more than once to re-read it. I never thought I would find the whole daddy fetish attractive, but here it is smoking hot.
Thanks for the recs! I do love genderbend when it's done well.
I resisted genderbend stuff really hard in the beginning, but then I think I read this one (Kirk/girl!McCoy, with a Bones who's totally no nonsense and doesn't shave her legs all that often -- a woman after my own heart, LOL), and some of azephirin's stuff, and suddenly I was totally sold. Bah.

Chase to the Cut is one of my absolute favorites. So beautiful.
Hm...I have been rather resistance to girl!Bones because boy Bones is so sexy, but I've book marked that one to try out.
I can't wait for time to read "Bad Wisdom"; the other three would totally be on any list I wrote, too. (I'm sure it would as well, but one can't really rec something one hasn't yet read.)

Bad Wisdom is pretty short -- around 2,000 words, so hopefully you will have time to read it soon.