number one: better than you

A meme and also a question

stolen from boosette

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks... what's your ideal fic
from me?

No promises, but I might even try to write it. I don't really feel like nibbling on any of my wips right now, but I'd like something to work on.

Does anyone have any convention plans for the year? What are the large conventions like anyway? I'm curious, but the (small) one in my hometown was basically a lot of people in ill-fitting polyester uniforms browsing tables of junk, and I would have been pissed if it cost any more than $20 and the gas money to drive across town. Of course, it was held in a high school gym, which probably should have told me something going in.
No convention plans, I've only been to one but it was terribly disappointing, (not to mention expensive). Perhaps one day in the future, when a job :)

Oooh requests, do you do threesomes, as in Spock/Uhura/Kirk? Something awesome with Spock being vulcan-logic-y and Uhura being generally badass and Kirk being adorable and kinda innocent despite himself.

I really like that dynamic, (do you watch White Collar? It's how I see Peter/Elizabeth/Neal) It's the established couple take the wordly-wise but emotionally insecure friend under their wing, mmm-mmm!

Or if not. More Amanda/Sarek is always a good thing :D
Hm. I have never watched White Collar or written a threesome. I shall have to contemplate both :)
*seconds this very, very much*
*seconds the White Collar mention, too*

(Also, this dynamic would work nicely with Pike/Number One/Kirk. I think that unless I have an epiphany, which could happen, I'm not going to have something particularly noteworthy to say about One in her primal glory, so I wouldn't mind contributing ideas and cheerleading to the existence of that threesome as written by someone who writes really well and groks logical XOs of various sorts.)
Threesomes are interesting. I don't read a lot of them, and I've definitely never written one. It's not really a place my writerly mind visits since I pull so much from my own life experience, and threesomes are quite far outside that. But perhaps I shall have to consider it. Thank you for the vote of confidence :)
I may be going to Otakon, depending on how it lines up against my summer classes. Big cons are exhausting, but incredibly fun if you can avoid room drama (last Otakon, I didn't; neither did my friends.) Anime Mid-Atlantic, which is much smaller but still uses a convention center, was less overwhelming, less dramatic and (I think) more fun, because of the lack of drama.


I would have you write some Kirk/Number One thrilling heroics, where she's working some high-level undercover thing and he's acting as a big shiny distraction so that she can do her intelligence-gathering in peace. (And then there is some big disaster and some mutual life-saving and some ridiculously hot sexytimes.)
Hm. Too bad Otakon doesn't really line up wtih my particular geeky interests. I do rather like Baltimore.

Also, a where_no_woman drabble loosely inspired by your prompt. I shall contemplate something else that would fulfill the full promise of its awesomeness.
I go to Otakon pretty exclusively for the cosplay and the socializing since Animanga is so not my area of fandom. (I am looking for some Trek conventions to go to eventually, and hell, at this rate I may as well start watching Dr. Who again because, well, cons!

And then there's SDCC and NYCC, neither of which I've visited and both of which I want to go to ... eventually. It always stuns me that San Diego Comic Con sells out of four-day passes in like ... November.)

ETA: And the Aquarium! I love the Baltimore Aquarium, and also the fact that you can get a crab cake the size of your face for like $11 there (in the city, not the aquarium itself).

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arisia is this weeekend and boskone is in February. They're my local cons, and I love them, in their big relative-diversity, even if I don't always like them (Arisia used to be my life, or rather, almost all my friends were involved with it. I'm not friends with some of them anymore.)