Random fannish things

First up, Not the Desert, Not Repenting, the Amanda/Sarek story I wrote for where_no_woman's latest drabble fest, now has a companion piece courtesy of anodyna: Outlier. Hopefully, anodyna will forgive me for failing to immediately leave her the lovely feedback the piece deserves since I've had an utterly exhausting weekend, but suffice it to say you should all go read it :)

Also, I got my image prompt for the Sex Is Not the Enemy Ficathon, and I am a little concerned. It is here, and rated NC-17. My first thought: that is physically impossible. How do you go down on someone underwater? Who can hold their breath that long? I guess I probably need to imagine that is one moment in a long, mostly above-ground sexcapade. For some reason, my immediate thought was Gaila/Chapel, but why I should imagine that, I have no idea. Part of me wants to roll with it, and part of me wants to make it Gaila/Uhura just because I know more people would read it that way (but I know it's lame to think about that). At least the picture is pretty to look at, and I have a month to figure it out.

Finally, speaking of pretty things to look at, rubynye sent me a link to a plus size fashion shoot. (It is rated R, so maybe save it for after work.) These women are so beautiful! I'm happy to look at them and sad that there are no women this size in ST or any other fandom that I know of. I would like to write sex scenes for them. Maybe my new mental Chapel should be a curvy girl...
Re: underwater photo, this is a sci-fi universe after all...what if there were some sort of crazy planet where humans could breathe underwater?

Just a thought. :-)
That is true! I have not done much by way of exploiting the sci-fi premise of ST in my fic, and maybe I should start.
Also, I got my image prompt for the Sex Is Not the Enemy Ficathon, and I am very unenthused.

(I *knew* there was something I forgot to sign up for, damn it.)

And that was my first thought, too -- well, second, after, "but but vaginal lubrication is water-soluble!" and "oh my GOD but the bacteria and junk in pools! that's just asking for some kind of infection."
The sign-ups closed today, and as it's technically still the 10th, perhaps you could wheedle your way in if you really wanted...

*is selfish and wants more Star Trek participants*
Aand, I just posted my beggy comment of begging, and hope they will take pity on me. (and if they don't, I will have to grab some sexisnottheenemy pics from the next several weeks to do a ficlet series. as an act of rebellion.)
I'm unenthused by my picture, too. But I'm going to remix a fic of mine to Mirrorverse for it, so I'm all set for an idea.

As for yours --

1) Water and light as a metaphor for the floating feeling of post orgasm.
2) An OFC with gills or a widget that enables humans to breathe underwater?
3) Someone reckless showing off for 30 seconds?

PS I'm really glad you like that link. Oh, so pretty.

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Thank you for the ideas! I'm thinking along the lines of #3 - Gaila would be that reckless, and maybe her anatomy allows that a little more than a human's would. I think my disappointment is on a more ideological level. There are so many pictures on that site of people who seem like they're genuinely having a good time for themselves, and this one looks more like it was staged for the benefit of a (male) audience because it would look pretty. I am probably over-reacting, and if I wanted my pick of the pictures there, I probably should have just assigned myself my own prompt.

Did you post your image prompt in your journal?

And yes, that link is lovely. Thank you for thinking of me! I couldn't take my eyes off the first picture in particular.
I haven't posted my pic, in part because it'd be a spoiler for the story I intend to write (Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!Genderswap!McCoy; I haven't written them in awhile, and asimaiyat gave me the perfect music to write them to).

More importantly, I don't think you're overreacting. Specifically, you have a point about that picture; generally, your reactions are yours; as long as they aren't being wanky or abusive, I tend to figure people have every right to whatever reaction they have.

*cheers you on*
*also, grins at you*
I loved that link--they are so beautiful!

Also, really excited to read whatever you come up with for your Ficathon. And no, it's not just because it features Chapel. Well, not entirely.
It's such a weird and random pairing - I honestly have no idea why I would even come up with it. And yet, 741 words have already been written.
Yeah, one moment as part of a longer funtime makes the most sense. I mean, with a few calming breaths, I can hold my breath for about 1 minute 30 seconds easily but even that wouldn't be long enough to be pleasurable in and of itself if we're talking about humans. Someone could have a dream of the underwater scene, though, and then decide to go after it, except maybe not solely underwater. Though that's kind of a cheap out. ;-)

Gaila/Chapel sound intriguing. \o/
I was all "why didn't I get a prompt?" and then I went back and saw that I FILLED OUT THE SIGN-UP BOX AND FORGOT TO HIT "POST COMMENT." I am such an idiot. :( :( :( :(