where_no_woman recs

So, I was a bit remiss in my modly duties and failed to tell you guys about the awesome drabble fest prompts anodyna posted last week. In honor of the new year, each is the opening line of a novel, essay, or poem, and it's no surprise that such eloquent and beautiful prompts resulted in eloquent and beautiful stories. As I'm sure you know by now, our drabble fests have no time limits, so you can still write responses if you feel moved.

Now for the recs! These are all ficlets, except one full-length piece which I have noted below.

It is the saddest night... by merisunshine36 - Amanda in her first and last moments on Vulcan

Not a Ghost Story by tosca1390 - A beautiful 3500 word fic that somehow comments on all the Winona fanon without feeling overly meta or contrived. Winona is a three-dimensional human being and mother, well-intentioned and realistically flawed, trying her best to save her boy and just not knowing how

What can you say about a 25-year-old girl who died? by florahart - Gaila, not talking about her dead mother, with Jim, who is not talking about his dead father.

Snow and Raspberries by framlingem - Madeline, that exceptionally cool-looking alien on the bridge, finding small things to love about Earth

When my third grade teacher told us the universe was infinite and endless... by shaxophile - fic for an unnamed space lady living her last moments in the vacuum of outer space. Not graphic, but obvious character death.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged by tosca1390 - Leonard had always wanted to be married; Jocelyn had always wanted freedom

Seriously guys, go check out the drabble fest (and write for it!) if you haven't already. I've always felt pleased and proud of the prompts people have posted, but this round's are exceptionally evocative. The odds of finding inspiration are good, and every story over there has feedback, so don't be afraid to post!
I just want to add, we're into page 2 of the comments for the drabblefest, and there's a lovely Spock/Uhura ficlet by fishphile that's charming and may not be noticed since the page just rolled over.

I'm so thrilled with the stories that have been written for the drabblefest. Choosing the prompts adds an extra layer of interest, I'm sure you've experienced also--wondering which ones will be taken, and what people will do with them. It's so enjoyable to be surprised!
Thank you for the rec! I love all the stories that come out of these drabblefests (I wish I had more time to read and comment. >.<) so it's a real honour to be singled out. If anyone's coming to this post who hasn't read the stories, seriously, read them all, not just the recs - the amount of talent in the where_no_woman community is ridiculous.