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Ficlet: Heaven - Spock/Uhura

Title: Heaven
Author: igrockspock
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13
Summary: comment fic for fandom_stocking. Spock and Uhura's nightly routine.

The door hisses shut behind her, and the heat blasts her face. It is drier heat than she knew in Africa, and the sterile, recycled air doesn't exhale the odor of ripe mangoes or home cooked food. She still closes her eyes and leans against the door frame, murmuring that it feels like home.

She hears Spock rise from his desk across the room and doesn't bother to open her eyes. She pictures him in her mind's eye instead, every detail of his movements memorized a long time ago.

"I trust that your shift was not unduly taxing."

His voice is flat and smooth like a stone from a river, its coolness a soothing contrast to the heat of the room.

"No." Her voice is soft, languid.

She reaches behind her to free her hair; he kneels in front of her to unzip her boots. Finally, she opens her eyes so that she can trace a finger along the tip of a pointed ear. Without being told, she turns her back to him, and his fingers rest against the zipper of her uniform.

"If you desire, I will help you undress."

The statement is illogical; they have done this every night for months, and he knows that she desires it. She likes that he says it anyway.

He unzips the dress; she pulls it over her head. He takes her bra off more slowly than necessary, first sliding the straps over her shoulders one by one, then letting his fingers pause against the hook before he opens it. His hand rests flat against her back, heat seeping into the skin her bra had covered only seconds ago. Fingers ghost across her skin as he leans over to pick up the t-shirt he keeps folded at the foot of his bed.

By the time she has put it on, he is lying on the bed, straight and flat and still clothed. It is not logical, she knows, to go to bed when one's body does not require rest and there is work to be done. But he doesn't say it -- he never has -- and neither has she. Instead she lies on top of him, cheek pressed against his chest, bare toes trailing up and down his leg.

"Heaven," she whispers into his neck.

Oh. That was sweet. It sure beats my routine of falling into bed, my laptop to one side and my cat curled up on the other.
AW. How sweet and beautiful. Also, I love your 'keep calm and carry on' icon :D