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Sex Is Not the Enemy: Art/Ficathon

First of all, if you haven't explored sex is not the enemy, you should! Just not at work, because as the name might suggest, it's rather NC-17. After you look at all the beautiful sex-positive pictures, you should go sign up for Sex Is Not the Enemy Art/Ficathon. It's not an exchange, so it's very low pressure, and you only need to produce a 500-word story. You'll get to specify some of the parameters of the challenge, like the gender and number of participants you're willing to write about, and then you'll receive a picture for inspiration. Stories are due February 14. It is a multi-fandom fest, but it looks like not many ST people are signed up yet.
Thank you for the link! I intend on participating; I love the tumblr page and I didn't know someone was running a fest based on it.