gaila: hot green chick

Ladies1st Recs

ladies1st has lots of lovely stories and an impressively wide variety of pairings for such a small exchange, so I highly recommend you check out the whole thing. That said, a few stories really stood out to me. I'm sure you're all shocked that most of them are about Gaila.

Distracted (Winona/George, NC-17) - Winona and George are in an alien prison. Sex pollen complicates their plans for escape. Resourceful, in-charge Winona spares this from being too much of a cliche.

Crossed Wires (Gaila/Scotty, PG-13) - Really adorable in-character Gaila, trying to impress her boss, but he just doesn't seem to like her. Lots of intriguing cultural misunderstandings, and bonus cameos by Keenser.

Love and Affection (Gaila/ Kirk, R) - My new favorite explanation for the "I think I love you scene," featuring nicely written Gaila, Kirk, and Uhura.

Come Fly with Me: 5 Moments on a Journey (Gaila/Pike, R) - written for me and linked once last night, but I had to mention again how beautifully characterized and nicely structured this is.

I feel like it's blindingly obvious which story I wrote, but if you want to guess, go ahead. Comments are screened.