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So you guys should all go check out Come Fly with Me, the incredible Gaila/Pike fic I received for ladies1st. I am feeling too inarticulate for a separate write-up, so I'm just going to cut and paste the comment I left for the author. I think it expresses quite nicely why you should go read it...

Wow. That was such satisfying characterization of both of them, and I love the way that you've woven together fanon with your own take on Gaila's story. There are so many details to love -- his uncertainty about her responses to authority, all Pike's sexy older man-ness, the way this fic manages to be incredibly sexy without ever being explicit (I think that's from how determined Pike is to take it slow). And also just who Pike is, the way you've worked in so many captainly details, like his suspicion of an alien woman trying to seduce him. I am so pleased and grateful to have received this fic.

ETA: I forgot to mention how much I admire the structure of this story, how you've told the pieces out of order and ended with the perfect climax for their characters. It really feels like a decisive, defining moment for them.

*likes shiny new blockquote tag*

I am casting a shifty-eyed look at a member of my flist I'm fairly sure wrote this, but I shall refrain from mentioning my suspicions lest I am wrong.

Ugh. I really need to go to bed; I am both physically exhausted and emotionally drained from various RL drama that occurred over the holiday. But I really, really want to read my new cookbook more. It's all shiny and the pages are velvety smooth and they have that nice new book smell. Also, I am learning lots of impressive classical French things about souffles and daubes and jus.
I hope this comment finds you well rested after dreams of delicious recipes! I love cookbooks and all their potential.

I am so enjoying ladies1st, and I'm so glad you got a story you enjoyed, you totally deserved to. I can't wait to read it, and to see if I can guess which you wrote!
I think I have a milliner's guess. :) And I'm pretty sure my recipient has guessed me, but I'm having fun not acting like it. Did you leave a comment on your own story? I did on mine.
I'm not telling :)

You're hilariously disingenuous. You can guess which one I wrote if you want. The comments on the rec post I just made are screened.

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