Ladies First?

I keep looking back at the ladies1st comm, hoping stories will be posted. No dice. I know this teeny little exchange sounds pathetic in comparison to your angst and anticipation over Yuletide, but I worked hard on that story. Is it my best story? Probably not. Was it way out of my comfort zone on both the pairing and scenario? Yes. So am I proud of it? Yeah, kind of, and I'd like to hear what other people think. And I want to read my story too!

Ugh. I am not doing a good job working on my lesson plans. I have Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner, in lieu of the Understanding Comics, which wasn't in stock at Border's. I need to use it to figure out how to teach Persepolis. Any ideas?

Sigh. I am trapped at home again. I got my car back from the shop, seemingly cheaply and well-repaired...and now it does not start. I'm going to see if my mom can help me evaluate whether the starter is bad or whether it's some bigger mechanical problem.
I sympathize, both with the ladiest1st nervousness (I spent so long on that story - it has plot, which is a miracle for me) and the car issues (I have had it for three months and it's spent the majority of that time in the shop).
*is also a-bounce re: ladies1st*

Although if the mod is in PST then it's only 3:00 or so there. She may not be able to get to it until later in the evening.