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Daily writing spam 2

Well, ladies1st is as finished as I can get it and off to fringedweller and boosette's trusty hands for beta. There's a lot that needs to be cut out, and some that needs to be added, but hell if I can figure out what that is. I trust that in the next 4 days, after I've had a chance to think more and hear my betas' thoughts, I'll be able to shape it up a bit. I can definitely tell that I was running out of writing mojo when I wrote it, and I regret that I had to leave it so close to the deadline. Next year, I'll compare my school schedule more carefully with my holiday schedule and decide if a holiday exchange is in my best interest.

On a lighter note, the apartment is about ten zillion times cleaner than in recent memory. Now I think I'll have a nap.
Thanks for pointing that out! I was wondering why I suddenly started getting comments for something I wrote this summer.

Congratulations on all your recs there too :)