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Statistics, ladies first

I am trying very, very hard not to become obsessed with the new statistics function. Even though math is my enemy, I like data, lists, and numbers, especially when arranged in bar graph form. Because I like it, I want to understand it. Because I want to understand it, I look at it often. Slowly, I am coming to understand valuable things, like that I should not get overexcited about the very large number of page views, because you know who's looking at my journal all the time? Me. I can get excited by the number of people who look at my journal because those people only get counted once; I cannot get excited about the number of views because I quite possibly click on my journal and various entries within it a hundred times in the process of editing fics, answering comments, navigating away from it by accident and coming back, etc. etc. It was kind of exciting when I thought 1,962 people looked at my journal in one day though.

What I should really be doing now is working more on my ladies1st fic. I feel sort of left out because everyone else is sweating yuletide, but I have my own holiday deadline story to worry about. boosette, my beta and cheerleader, has gone home for the holidays and I am slightly bereft without her. Do any of you have some free time on your hands? *look at you pleadingly* I feel a bit better about it today than yesterday because it now has a beginning and an end, so I feel like I know where I'm going. But writing for fic exchanges is kind of scary. It is a new fannish experience for me, and I will feel most guilty if it is not made of awesome.

The good news is that I got paid on Friday, so tomorrow I can go to the bank, put money in the checking account that I actually has a debit card attached to it, and then I can buy icon space to upload all the pretty Number One icons that taraljc made me.
Since I defaulted on Yuletide, I am totally with you on my Ladies First story and the finishing thereof. I just haven't been writing about it because my recipient is on my friendslist.

I am sure your story will be awesome. :)
Am I very bad for talking about this when the recipient is on my flist? Pretty much all the fest participants are on my flist, and if I'm not actually talking about the plot or pairings...

I just go a little crazy if I don't have a place to vent...
I don't think you're being bad at all, since you're talking in utter generalities.

Besides, you've given me a chance to find out at least one other person took the whole three months to write something. That means our stories will be splendid, right? :D
Um, yes. I have definitely been working on this for three whole months. There is absolutely no way that I would have written two unconnected bits of it and then ignored it until a week before the due date...
I would appreciate that greatly! The story is due December 26, and I am hoping to have a mostly final draft finished by tomorrow at the latest. I know it's pretty short notice, so don't worry if you don't have time for an extensive review. Even someone looking for typos would be helpful. Where should I send it?
I've finished working for the holidays now, so I have plenty of time. I'll PM you with an address to use.
I will have internet day after tomorrow! And feedback! Because feeding our authors is v. v. important.

Yay! I will hopefully have a story by then. I'm feeling kind of panicked because the dialogue is just not working, dammit, and I'm getting an unexpected houseguest tomorrow night.

I'm going to try to take deep calming breaths and keep writing.