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Wishlist meme

I substitute the lengthy instructions posted elsewhere for a briefer version of my own...

1. Make a list of things you want for the holidays.
2. Do not feel guilty about the contents of said list.
3. You may prefer to ask for intangible fannish things, but if you really wanted something like a leather coat, you could see if someone has one lurking in the closet to send you (even though that seems pretty unlikely).
4. Post the list under whatever security level you desire.
5. Fill others' requests if you can.

My list is brief and fannish.

1. Art featuring Sarek wearing a flannel hat with ear flaps. I could tell you why I want this, but then I would have to kill you.

2. Icons featuring vintage TOS Number One or nu!Pike + vintage TOS Number One. Snappy text is a bonus.

3. A sequel to Invictus addressing the claim that Pike kept calling for Number One while injured and delirious. boosette is awesome, and she is working on this!

4. A remix of any of my fics (except "Count the Stars" and "I Have Been Her Kind" - those are kind of personal, and I'm attached to them).

5. A fun set of writing prompts to refer to when I am bored or lacking ideas.

Also, while I am doing the meme thing, I will do the one where I put my iPod on shuffle and tell you the lines of the first 15 songs. Apparently, you are supposed to guess them.

1. Can you keep a secret from them other people if I tell you 'bout wha gwan?
2. London, quieten down, I need to make a sound.
3. Ladies up in here tonight, no fighting, no fighting
4. I was missing in action on the side of a carton
5. Be a good boy, push a little further now
6. My baby don't mess around because she loves me so
7. I hope you got your passports and your vaccine shots
8. 1, 2, 3, go Ciara
9. You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time
10. Row da boat straight to da ocean
11. I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high
12. Picture the morning taste and devour
13. For you I was a flame
14. Have another piece of my heart now, baby, yeah
15. They were sitting, they were sitting in the strawberry swing
15. Strawberry Swing--Coldplay :)

By the way, beautiful icon!
You are correct!

And thank you :) Although I feel a bit odd accepting comments for something that I didn't make...
It really is pretty awesome though. I love everything to do with Chapel, as you know.
"Though she be but little, she is fierce" is Uhura's motto. I shall have to find you some more from Shakespeare.
Thanks! I need the Uhura prompts - I just made a huge post about how hard it is for me to see inside her head well enough to write her.
lemme know if a) you want captions on any particular base/icon and b) if you don't want all of them and I shall throw them open to the masses at pike_numberone!

ooh! pretty! The amount to which this made my day cannot be textually rendered. Can I have a night to stare at them and ponder?

I am restraining myself from rhapsodizing over how much I love to look at Majel Barrett as Number One because it would take a very, very long time and you would not have nearly enough time to read it all...
Take all the time you need! Making the icons, I'm just struck by how gorgeous she is. Not that Majel isn't gorgeous as Chapel too, but there's just something about Number One to me.
I agree completely! I think the way she looks is absolutely perfect for Number One. She is beautiful, but somehow not in a way that anyone else is. I don't think that her face is perfect the way some actresses are, but somehow that makes her even more beautiful.
She's what I think of as "handsome" and "striking". Not delicate, but strong features. And her eyes are amazing, especially with her dark hair.
Wow. I just keep coming back to these to stare. I feel like every last one of them deserves its own little ficlet, especially the ones where she looks kind of supercilious and pissed off. I keep wondering what Pike did to make her look that way.

Here's what I kept...
Row 1 - 3,4,5
Row 2 - 3,4
Row 3 - 1,2,4,5 (5 is so awesome, btw - well, they all are, but that one especially!)
Row 4 - 3, 5
Row 5 - 1, 2

I hope I wasn't too greedy! Is there any chance that the last one in the first row could say "fights like a girl"?

Now I shall count down eagerly toward payday, when I can buy paid icon space to host all of these. God, she's just so beautiful...

Thank you so much!

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