spock: break down these walls

Thank you! And also, I am an idiot

So, yesterday, when I posted about getting nominated for a Spock/Uhura award, my general thought was "huh. That's weird." Like I said, I don't think of myself as a Spock/Uhura author, and most of my Spock/Uhura stories were written in, like, July. I wondered vaguely why anyone would think to nominate me.

Then sometime last night, I thought, "wait a second, perhaps it was a member of my fabulous flist!" And then I thought, "wow! How embarrassing that you neglected to thank them in your post!' So, um, thank you, and I'm sorry I'm obtuse.

And also, many thanks to secretsolitaire for the lovely snowflake I found in my profile this afternoon. I've never received a v-gift before, and I feel surprisingly special!